Lords of Gossamer and Shadow Characters

Lord Zordd — Supreme Minister of Evil

Some guys you just have to wonder about.

Take Lord Zordd, for instance. Piecing together his stories, and giving more weight to the ones he told when he was pretty deep in his cups, it seems he tried conquering more than a few planets with his minion armies and monsters and eventually wound up getting his butt handed back to him by various teams of super-powered teenagers. The last group apparently did something that threw him out of their world entirely, and he washed up on the Grand Stair. To hear him say it, though, he deliberately left to find a source of purely evil energy so he could return and defeat them.

Well, that was a pretty long time ago, so if he did return, he’d be facing their great-grandkids by now. But I don’t see that happening. Right now, he’s more concerned about checking his beard for grey hairs every morning, spending the rest of the day drinking and talking big to anyone who would listen. Most new Wardens can only stand him for a couple of hours, so he gets lonely sometimes. That’s why I asked him to do me a favor once.

Boy, that was a mistake. He did what I asked for, all right, but I didn’t mention anything about collateral damage, so pretty much every building in the city was demolished. Definitely overkill, as it was supposed to be a simple search and recovery operation. His minions trashed everything in sight during the search while he sat drinking in a bar in the center of town. Still, he was a great help when the local opposition came around also on the same search and recovery operation, just because they cut off his supply of booze. I just don’t ever expect that he will ever be that helpful again.”

– Cal’s Journal

Lord Zordd. Conqueror of Planets. Terror of Galaxies. Supreme Minister of Evil.

Lord Zordd. Dishonored General. Alcoholic Has-been. Supreme Failure.

Somewhere in the middle is the real Lord Zordd. Finding him is the problem.

He can usually be found someplace where there is enough booze and enough distractions to keep him from destroying the place by accident. Fortunately he still has enough presence of mind to order a few of his minions to care for him or else he’d have died from malnutrition or liver failure long before this. He’s a maudlin drunk, bemoaning the injustices inflicted upon him, and any reminder of his former career will set him into an incoherent rampage. That includes seeing groups of people wearing similar but multi-colored costumes or uniforms.

Sober him up, though, and he’s dangerous. Well, he’s always dangerous. However, the more sober he is, he is less of a danger to his allies and more of a danger to his enemies. He’s a terrible strategist but he’s a terrific tactician: give him a plan and keep him from drinking and he will execute it perfectly, even adapting it as required when circumstances change. Just don’t mind the everpresent ranting and gloating, they’re just his way of letting off steam.


  • Psyche: 10 points
  • Strength: Paragon
  • Endurance: Paragon
  • Warfare: 20 points


  • Sorcery [15 points]


  • Zombots [48 points]  — Lord Zordd can summon (and dismiss) hordes of faceless humanoid minions called Zombots on any world to any location within line of sight.
    • Double Speed [2 points]
    • Superior Stamina [1 point]
    • Combat Reflexes [2 points]
    • Hardened Damage [1 point]
    • Resistant to Normal Weaponry [1 point]
    • Psychic Resistant [1 point]
    • Ubiquitous [x6]
  • Staff of Power [8 points] — Every self-respecting galactic conqueror needs a showy weapon, and Lord Zordd’s is a tall black metallic staff with a black crystal globe at the top, from which he can direct bolts of black lightning at his opponents.
    • Deadly Damage [4 points]
    • Mold Gossamer Creatures [2 points]
    • Rack Named and Numbered Spells [2 points]

The Mold Gossamer Creatures power is used to merge his minions into a single giant monster. In this form, its points change to this:

    • Immense Vitality [4 points]
    • Tireless Stamina [4 points]
    • Combat Mastery [4 points]
    • Deadly Damage [4 points]
    • Invulnerable to Conventional Weaponry [4 points]
    • Psychic Barrier [4 points]
    • Unique [x1]


  • Bad Stuff [1 point]

Other Characters

  • Desiree: If only I could turn her, she would be my bride and rule along side me throughout the Galaxy!
  • Duncan: The only one among these pathetic mortals I must be wary of.
  • Kitten: I know her type. She has her uses, so long as she is paid well.
  • Paragon: One of him is more than enough. Five like him is enough to make my blood boil!
  • Umbral: She would better serve as my court jester than my ally.


Lord Zordd is patterned after just about every major failed villain of the many Power Rangers and Super Sentai programs.

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