Brigid’s Character Quiz

Part 1

1st: Why do I play Amber?

Many reasons.

I enjoy roleplaying: I guess its the suppressed actor in me, combined with a healthy dose of stage fright, that restricts my activity before any crowds. Roleplaying lets me act in a coöperative setting, without engendering the fear that the stage might provoke.

Its also a creative action, an extremely creative action. It is the most demanding of creativity on the part of the player than almost any other game system, and is the most available (at the present.)

2nd: What do I like about the game?

I am a longtime Amber fan. Isn’t that enough?

3rd: What do I dislike about the game?

Well, to be honest, the size of the cast, which results in only relatively brief periods of actual player / GM interaction. I’m not familiar with the other characters and players (with a few exceptions) to roleplay without GM interaction under most circumstances.

4th: What do I expect from the GM?

Fairness and an equal opportunity to ‘perform’.

5th: What can I contribute?

I don’t know. What do you need?

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