Morgana’s Adventures

I only got the opportunity to play Morgana a couple of times in a live tabletop venue. I entered an on-going campaign, populated mostly by vampires with a few werewolves (I’ve only met one so far) and mages (two, including one NPC), set in Chicago after the death of Lodin. Other events include a rave which disappeared (warehouse and all), and when it returned three weeks later, only 30% of the people were still inside. This drew a lot of unwelcome attention, from the Inquisition to the Men in Black and worse. Unfortunately, it was only for a couple of sessions. Still, it was fun.

First Adventure

I got involved when the NPC mage, a stage magician named ‘the Fabulous Fabian’, was hired at my club. It was a good act, but he fumbled in the finale of his first show (making an escape from an Iron Maiden [without spikes]) and both invoked Paradox and attracted the attention of ten Men in Black. Fabian bugged out, using the back stage door as a teleport focus to his apartment, leaving me alone to confront these ‘feds’ by myself (his buddies in the audience having not yet arrived backstage); when I did so, their leader (the rest of the team having left hunting Fabian) produced (by big mistake) his official MIB orders (from the Technocracy convention of the New World Order) instead of a phony federal warrant! When he/it tried to cover his mistake, he compounded his mistake by trying to use magic to make me forget (which might have given him a surprise anyway since he didn’t suspect my true identity) and summoned his own Paradox, which destroyed him.

Fabian eventually returned and he and his friends congregated backstage: everything Fabian touched disappeared momentarily. He only discovered this when he tried to sit down on his sofa: it disappeared, dropping him to the floor, then it appeared on top of him three seconds later. I was skeptical about him continuing for the second show that night, saying “The only magic you’re good for now is disappearing acts,” but the Paradox effect finally wore off, leaving only the MIBs to worry about. Fabian did his second show in disguise, with only one MIB in the audience, which he made vanish as the finale when Fabian revealed his ‘real’ identity.

Later that night the PCs took on a little ‘mission’ for a mummy acquaintance of theirs: the recovery of a talisman from a rival mummy as it was being transported. We were told that there were only to be two people in the van. Unfortunately, those two were an Elder vampire and a powerful Mage. The other two individuals in the van were werewolves. However, when we stopped the van, Fabian, unknown to us, teleported into the van to steal the talisman, and invoked a Paradox effect while stumbling out of the van and passing out. (This was not his night.) Every round after everybody in the fight exchanged places (but not facings) at random.

The only way we survived was because we grabbed the dead MIB’s gun earlier, which was a .38 pistol that fired .50 armor piercing incendiary shells: it was averaging 14 levels of damage per shot, leaving me to remark that, after one shot, the werewolf under attack was doing a ‘Wile E. Coyote’ impression, looking down at the hole in the middle of his chest as he fell over dead. We managed to get the talisman with only one character (a vampire) seriously wounded.

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