Brigid of Faerie

Brigid of Faerie was the character I created for “The Great Game” campaign at AmberCon.



  • Combat: Good (Amber)
  • Psyche: Phenomenal (“First Rank”)
    • Mesmerizing Stare
    • Sensitivity to Occult Forces
    • Illusionary Magic
  • Warfare: Average (Chaos)
  • Social: Talented (Low Ranked)
    • Ignore Snide Remarks
  • Science: Exceptional (Ranked)
    • Recognize Illness or Affliction
    • Emergency Surgery


  • Power Source (3) — The Fae Circle
  • Primal Sorcery (2)
  • Primal Conjuration (2)
  • Shadow Shapeshift (1)


  • Social: She wants to be accepted as a trusted physician among the Family, however much the virulent social dynamics of the Family disgust her. She also wants to improve her bedside manner: she doesn’t quite treat her patients at experimental animals, but she is notorious for being abrupt with patients once they are cured.
  • Romantic: She wants to avoid the entanglement of a romantic relationship until such time as she has satisfied her professional and social goals.
  • Professional: She wants to excel at her chosen profession of physician.


Charm Bracelet

Brigid wears a golden bracelet on her right wrist, composed of a series of several jewel-laden golden charms which are enchanted to aid in the casting of a number of spells that Brigid found useful in her medical practice. Among these are:

  • Cat’s-Eye: examine internal organs
  • Diamond: sterilize and purify wounds
  • Emerald: neutralize poisons
  • Opal: mesmerize patients
  • Ruby: encourage healing
  • Sapphire: anesthetize areas of the body


Codex is Brigid’s grimoire, a combination sorcerer’s spellbook and personal journal.


  • Bad Stuff (1)
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