Duncan (Thomas James Duncan)

Duncan was my first character in Steve Creech’s mixed-rules d20 campaign. Any published d20 system was permitted, and so I created a character based on the d20 Modern system.


Duncan (Thomas James Duncan) trained throughout his teen-aged years to become a Hollywood stuntman and stunt combat expert who saw the demand for such specialists in the years just after the first “Lord of the Rings” movie was released. Instead, Duncan became a Taken: that was the term used on the fantasy world he found himself upon for strangers from other worlds similarly and strangely transported to the campaign world. There he joined up with other Taken who became the protectors of Nigel Talansaltos, prince and heir to his kingdom. Over the following year, helped establish Nigel as king and himself as a noble of the Realm.

In game terms, Duncan was a Fast and Tough character who later would also attain levels in Martial Arts Master. Because of his skill path, he had familiarity with archaic weapons (his favored weapon was a katana although he usually wielded a claymore as shown above) and several acrobatic and evasion skills. The armor he wears in the image is something he found in his travels, being constructed of beryllium, a very light metal, resulting in a set of full plate armor that counted as light armor. The symbol on the front of the armor is reminiscent of the Chaosium dragon logo and is deliberate.

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