Photo Equipment

I use strictly digital equipment with a strong preference to Sony equipment.

Minolta SRT-101

For many, many years I trusted my wonderful Minolta SRT-101 35mm camera. This was the camera I got from my brother, who brought it back from his tour in ‘Nam, and this was the camera I used in high school and college and ever since. Over the years I accumulated a macro-zoom lens and a zoom lens for it and it has given me many years of solid service and excellent photography. I still use it for situations where I want film quality pictures although film stock is getting increasingly difficult to get and process.

Sony HDR-SR5

However, I finally entered the digital age in 2007 with a Sony HDR-SR5 digital video / still camera. I was planning a trip and tour in Japan and I wanted a digital camera so I wouldn’t have to carry around a dozen or more rolls of film. Plus the option of having video footage was irresistible. Its a very servicable handheld camera and does HD as well as SD footage: I plan on using it for backstage and informal settings where my bigger camera would be too intrusive. The fact that it is plug-compatible with my Sony video equipment is a bonus.

Olympus R‑510

Then in 2008 I acquired my Olympus E‑510 digital camera. I went to Sunny Shick, a local photography store which is a fixture for local photographers, and asked their advice, given the price range I was seeking. They recommended the E‑510. I was able to find a good package deal at B&H Photography with two lenses and carrying bag, and I added a compatible flash unit.

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