DragonStorm (Nonfiction)

The campaign world of Grandilar in the DragonStorm CCRPG is a very large setting with lots of blank areas, both in geography and in history. I contributed to the expansion and exploration of the world and that can be found below.


I am most especially proud of my work on the history of the NightWitches. Ashiya, my first DragonStorm character, is a NightWitch and I was most interested in how this particular branch of the Craft came into being. Having a grounding in the history of various magical and cultural traditions, plus an urge to create a story and supporting documentation, all combined into creating a viable background for them.

(NightWitches should not be confused with the female Russian pilots of the 588th Night Bomber Regiment in the latter years of World War II. Nachthexen (night witch) was the German Army’s name for them. The pilots would fly antiquated wood and canvas biplanes to bomb German positions at night, cutting their engines and gliding into position, while their two wing-women would fly cover for them.The Germans compared the sound of their approach to witches flying broomsticks.  The parallels are striking.)

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