“The day I was born, on account of all tha stuff what happened that day, my Da said ‘That girl is gonna be nothing but trouble.’ Since Ma didn’t want me bein’ named Nothin’, I got the name Trouble.

“And I bin livin’ up to it ever since.”

“Hi! I’m Trouble!

That’s how Trouble started as a character. The daughter of a family of con-artists, grifters and thieves, she’s out to make her own mark on the Valarians using what skills she’s learned from a lifetime of criminal activities and her Unicorn abilities. Essentially, she’s the team from ‘Leverage’ in a single package. Need a lock picked or a trap defeated? Just ask Trouble. Need something swindled from a necromancer? Trouble will arrange for it to happen. Need a foolproof plan to outfox an opponent? Trouble will put everything together and make it work. Need someone eliminated quietly and quickly? Trouble will do it and then deny it ever happened. She’s ambitious and very sure of herself. She’s good, very good: almost too good for her own good. She’s clever and experienced yet still needs some guidance and training.

Trouble: For Trouble, this is fun. Artist: Sue van Camp

Trouble: For Trouble, this is fun. Artist: Sue van Camp

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