Brigid’s Apartment

Brigid’s apartment in Castle Amber is a largish square area, divided into nine separate open areas or enclosed rooms


The doors into her rooms are six-foot wide double wooden doors, carved with the characteristic interlocking Celtic knotwork on both sides. In the center is each door is a personal symbol for Brigid: to the left is the side view of a brightly-colored, jewel-like butterfly, to the right a long straight sword, pommel up.

On the left-hand door is a mailslot, just underneath the symbol. In the wall beside the left-hand door, at floor level, is a cat door: Brigid’s quarters are probably the only ones in the castle with a cat door.


Brigid’s apartment is laid out in nine sections. The center and the four sections directly connected to it are all open, while the corner four sections are enclosed and accessible through the nearest section.

BathroomPersonal Office and Casual AreaRecording Studio
BedroomCenterEntrance Foyer
Walk-in ClosetReflection RoomPractice Area and Tatami Room

These rooms have a twelve foot ceiling with solid oak beams and molding, dark wooden floors and wooden walls, and brass and golden fixtures. The overall style and theme is Celtic / Faerie with a preponderance of natural materials like wood and fur, and Celtic knotwork designs predominate. Lighting is by bright magickal torches on many of the walls, which are lit and extinguished at a verbal command: the light’s intensity can also be controlled in the same way.

Her favorite reading spot is not in her rooms, but rather is in the Castle Library, before the fireplace, in her favorite chair, a large, overstuffed worn leather chair, big enough for even her to curl up in comfortably.

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