Sirensong was a magic item I created for a D&D d20 supplement.

Bards have often been annoyed that they are limited to only affecting one person at a time with certain of their bardic songs. Long ago, one clever bard figured out a way to expand his repertoire and his affected audience at the same time by creating the harp he named Sirensong. By crafting and playing this harp, he was able to use any of his bardic songs that affect only one person to affect multiple individuals at the same time. His secret was thought lost to history, but the harp and its secrets have recently been rediscovered, and it is known that several instruments making use of these secrets have been recently crafted, but it is not known by whom.

A sirensong instrument is usually found in the form of a small travelling harp. Its secret lies in its strings, which are made of the long, flowing hair of sirens. The enchanted strings echo the spellbinding song of the sirens as well as the bardic song played on them. This echoing affect allows the following bardic songs to affect more than one person at a time: fascinate, inspire confidence, and inspire greatness. For each additional person to be affected, the bard must use another of his bardic music slots for the day. Only one bardic song may be used at one time: the same bardic song affects all targeted persons, and the same Perform check is made for all persons affected. All other limitations (ranks in Perform, distance, being able to see and hear the bard, etc.) also apply.

For each individual fascinated, the bard may also use suggestion as well; the same suggestion must be given to all affected persons.

The strings are the focal point of the instrument’s enchantments: they require the most finely crafted instruments in order to produce their magical effects. Any sirensong instrument is considered a masterwork instrument, giving a +2 circumstance bonus to all Perform checks.

Caster Level: 12th. Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, charm person, suggestion, a minimum of 12 ranks in Perform, crafter must be a bard. Market Price: 5,300 gp. Weight: 5 lbs.

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