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Paragon — Champion of Law and Order

In worlds like his, surviving ten years in his profession is considered a triumph and surviving twenty years is a miracle.

He survived for fifty. That says something about him.

Not that he looks that old, but then, who of us really does? Actually, he looks very good, always with every sleek black hair in place, every crease sharply defined in whatever he wears, always standing proud and tall with his broad shoulders and narrow waist. He exudes quiet power and determination leavened by infinite patience and impressive reserve. He was quite the find.

Drake said that he dredged him up from a world that the Dwimmerlaik laid waste to. I can tell: every so often he just looks off into space with a sour look on his face. I’ve seen that same look on dozens of other men, all of whom lost someone or something to the Dwimmerlaik.

From what Drake said, though, he lost an entire world.

When we first met, I kept waiting for him to explode into rage but he’s one of those people who bottle that up inside him. I just hope that I won’t be around when he finally lets it all out.”

– Cal’s Journal

Paragon was a superhero, educated from birth by the greatest scientists and educators into becoming the foremost champion of law and order of his world. Never was he ever defeated, save only to recognize his errors and return victorious. Over the decades, he guided the world into a Golden Age.

That is, until the Dwimmerlaik invaded.

To confront them, Paragon gathered together everyone who could possibly aid him, including many who earlier battled him, all united with one goal: defend their world from these invaders. It wouldn’t be difficult: after all, this was not the first time their world was invaded.

Except this time it was different. The Dwimmerlaik were nothing like the earlier invaders. In one blistering battle after another, Paragon and his cohorts were defeated and pushed back, the world laid waste, until the one final battle at the very door of his Sanctum of Solitude. There, Paragon and Umbral united their abilities in a desperate defense against the general of the Dwimmerlaik and the numberless hordes that opposed them. The chaos and destruction engendered by the collision of the two primal forces of existence destroyed the Dwimmerlaik invaders and what was left of the world.

Paragon survived, but the world he defended did not.

The battle drew the attention of Drake, who found Paragon and Umbral as the lone survivors, brought them onto the Grand Stair as new combatants against the threat of the Dwimmerlaik. Since then, Paragon was haunted by his perceived failure to protect his world.


  • Psyche: Paragon
  • Strength: 10 points
  • Endurance: 10 points
  • Warfare: 10 points


  • Cantrips [5 points] – Clarity, Dampen, Flare, Focus, Grasp, Invigorate, Nullify, Numb, Paralyze, Reveal, Quicken, Stun, Sureness, Surge, Umbra Negation
  • Eidolon Mastery [50 points]


  • Buster Blade Gauntlets [13 points] — Armored gauntlets that contain a long blade that projects out over the back of the hand. Paragon is also able to wield them to block attacks, both personal and ranged.
    • Deadly Damage [4 points]
    • Invulnerable to Conventional Weapons [4 points]
    • Transfer Power [Invulnerable] [5 points]
  • Utility Belt [5 points] — Paragon wears a utility belt containing several pouches and other hidden devices and gadgets.
    • Limited Shape Shift [4 points] – Produce whatever gadget necessary.
    • Connected to the Eidolon [1 point] – Anything produced is extremely efficient at what it does.


  • Bad Stuff [3 points]

Other Characters

  • Desiree: You’ll have better results by asking for assistance instead of compelling it.
  • Duncan: He’s seen more pain than I might ever see, but it still doesn’t give him the right to judge how I deal with it.
  • Kitten: I read what you say with your eyes against what you say with your body, and its enough to warn me away, but at least I read enough to know you can be trusted.
  • Lord Zordd: A classic example of a failed personality type, which is good because if he wasn’t such a failure he’d be a serious threat.
  • Umbral: Well, somebody has to be responsible for her, and it might as well be me.


Paragon is based largely on the characters of Clark “Doc” Savage, Bruce Wayne and the Golden Age Superman. He was raised by a group of scientists, scholars and mystics in all aspects of science, engineering, martial arts disciplines and esoteric mysteries with the intent of producing the perfect human. They succeeded well beyond their intentions. Through this training, he acquired his connection with the Eidolon through which he became a superhero and champion of order.

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