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Umbral — The Chaos Sprite

In the last five minutes alone, Umbral has a) consumed four lollipops, b) bounced off every wall and every inch of the ceiling, c) balanced on the shaft of her hammer for almost seven whole seconds, d) balanced her hammer on her nose by the shaft for almost eleven seconds, e) told me three different contradictory versions of her life history, f) asked me what my name was no less that fifteen times, and g) dispatched seventeen monsters by smacking them with that hammer. I never had the chance to lay a blade on a single one of them.

And you know what makes this all the more worse? She said she wasn’t feeling well so she said she was slacking some.”

– Cal’s Journal

It was all a Game.
Every so often, Umbral would escape whatever prison Paragon devised and then play another Game with Paragon until Paragon eventually won. No matter who won or who lost, it was all for the Game. The Game of Order versus Chaos for the continued balance of the world.
Until They came. They didn’t play the Game.
They broke the rules, then They broke the world.
They … broke the Game.
They … will pay.

Umbral doesn’t remember how many times Umbral was restored and reconfigured by the Umbra after being defeated by Paragon. Umbral’s memory is a little vague about such things, especially things like how Umbral found this power in the first place or what Umbral did with it in the past.

This time, however, is different.

This time, it was the invaders who did this. This time, the rules were completely broken.

This time, Umbral is a girl. A very feisty Japanese animé schoolgirl with pink eyes and a pink pageboy haircut and wearing a pink sailor outfit. Even Umbral’s mallet is pink, just like the pink lollipops Umbral likes. Umbral thinks Umbral looks just so cute now, except the foreign word Umbral uses sounds kind of like “Hawaii.” And along with that, Umbral is suffering from some very strange and new feelings toward Paragon right now, especially about how attractive he looks, if he’d only loosen up a little.


  • Psyche: 10 points
  • Strength: Paragon
  • Endurance: 10 Points
  • Warfare: Paragon


  • Cantrips [5 points] – Dampen, Eidolon Negation, Flare, Foul, Fracture, Glitch. Grasp, Jam, Loosen, Nullify
  • Umbra Mastery [50 points]


  • Hyper Dimensional Mallet GoBuster! [20 points] — A large wooden mallet that appears and disappears as needed.
    • Double Damage [2 points]
    • Mold Gossamer Reality [4 points] – Reality gets a little strange around Umbral, especially things she smacks with her mallet. Cartoon physics is only one of the things that’s happened in the past.
    • Transfer Power [Mold Gossamer Reality] [10 points] – Umbral doesn’t really need to hit someone to affect them, the hammer also allows Umbral to do that at will, and this way Umbral has more control over what happens that doesn’t involve things falling apart all the time. That’s much more fun.
    • Danger Sensitivity [2 points]
    • Connected to Power [Umbra] [1 point]
    • Alternate Form [1 point] – Alternate form is Somewhere Else.


  • Good Stuff {5 points]

 Other Characters

  • Desiree: Every time I start to talk to her, I get all floaty and dreamy and I can never remember what I was going to say, so it must not have been all that important. Certainly not as important as whatever she said, if I could ever remember it.
  • Duncan: Don’t look at me like you know everything about me!
  • Kitten: Here, kitty, kitty! I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine, and we’ll make up some new dirty jokes for you to tell.
  • Lord Zordd: He’s funny! There was the time I dressed up a bunch of his minions in matching costumes and he so freaked out! I think it was the fastest he ever demolished a bar ever.
  • Paragon: Those biceps! Those eyes! That face! That body! Man-on-man-o-manomanoman! I could just eat him up with whipped cream and a cherry on top!
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