Samantha Grey

When the Moon is in the Seventh House, And Jupiter aligns with Mars,
Then Peace will guide the planets, And Love will steer the stars.
— The 5th Dimension Age of Aquarius (from Hair)

Name: Samantha Grey
Nature: Care-Giver
Demeanor: Confidant
Clan: Tremere
Generation: 10th
Concept: Spirit Medium
Strength1Charisma3Perception (Intuitive)4
Fortune Telling2Sleight-of-Hand3Investigation1
Subterfuge3Linguistics (German, Latin)2
Spirit Lore3
Medium2Dark Secret1Humanity7
Blood Pool (total/per turn)131

Quote: “The Age of Aquarius? I cannot held be to blame for such an inaccurate horoscope prediction: you cannot expect the stars and planets to know everything. There must always an element of free will involved.”

Concept: Tremere spiritualist and medium

Description: Samantha Grey is above average in height and slender but attractively built. She has long shining brown hair, surrounding a handsome oval face with wide, intelligent brown eyes. Otherwise her most striking feature is her long, slender, sensitive hands and fingers. She has a calm, quiet, clear alto voice, spoken with a faint British accent.

When consulting she dresses to meet the expectations of her clients, drawing on her resemblance to the actress Jane Seymour and dressing like her fortune-telling character Solitaire from the movie Live and Let Die, wearing long green silk gowns with golden embroidery, with her hair pulled back and her face made up to have a faintly Oriental appearance. The only jewelry she wears are two large fire opal rings, one on each hand, antique gold pendant earrings, and a gold pendant in the shape of a vaguely-mystical symbol, hanging around her neck on a gold chain.

Otherwise, in public Samantha wears modern jackets and skirts in black satin with ruffled red silk blouses, while in private she prefers to wear the familiar Victorian-era clothing of her youth: long jackets and skirts in black or wine-red satin and ruffled white silk blouses. Her jewelry is a collection of cameo pins (which she wears at her throat) in jet or ruby, often depicting vaguely disturbing sexual or violent scenes, and ornate silver rings with settings of ruby and jet on every finger. Her favorite ring is of the Orobouros worm which she always wears on her right little finger.

Backgrounds: Samantha has a small measure of fame and respect in the community as a medium and spiritualist. She has a small but certain income from this business. Finally, she is 10th Generation.

Merits / Flaws: Samantha is particularly sensitive to spirits and can communicate with them on occasion. Her nightmares stem from her dark secret, her fear that her mistake led to her Mentor’s death and that the Tremere clan will blame and punish her for that act:

Clan Weakness: Samantha was presented to the Council that rules the Tremere and has drunk from their combined Vitæ, and so is one-third from being Blood Bonded to them.

Possessions: Small caliber automatic; spare clips of lead and silver ammunition; wallet with drivers license and gun owner’s permit; notebook computer with fax modem and astrological prediction and word processing software; crystal pendant.

Personality: Samantha’s knowledge of and experiences in the spirit world have made her aware of the dangers people (mortals and Kindred) face in confronting or dealing with that world. Her empathic nature has led her to champion those confronted with such dangers. She now uses her private psychic consulting practice to discover and to aid those in need.

She will Feed when she can on the people who come to her privately; in the security of her private office she can often induce a forgetful trance or otherwise persuade the individual to carefully spill some blood as a purported ‘payment’ to the spirit world. If necessary, she will drive herself into town and go ‘bar-hopping’, using her looks and charms to feed easily and peacefully.

Her nightmares stem from her dark secret, her fear that her mistake led to her Mentor’s death and that the Tremere clan will blame and punish her for that act.

Roleplaying Tips: Samantha has the traditional British reserve and character. She is also possessed by a Victorian moral standard that would be called “quaint”; she is definitely a liberated lady of her time and treats everyone with careful courtesy.

Notes: Samantha was the second vampire character I created: this was for a campaign that never did get started.

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