GenCon 2016 Event Submission

I will only be running one event this year at GenCon: last year, prepping and running two events was too much, and I want to play some, too, this year. What I will be playing is still yet to be determined, but I know what I will be running.

Doctor Who: Time War Is Hell

A collection of temporally transcendent individuals (legendary characters drawn from a variety of media: Captain Jack Harkness, Sapphire and Steel, Duke Dorian Hawkmoon, the Time Traveler and William Pilgrim) are “recruited” by the War Doctor to avert a plot by a traitorous Time Lord. Deep within Rassilon’s Tower in the Death Zone is a vault containing the weapons even Rassilon deems too risky to use, but the Daleks would use them against the Time Lords without hesitation, and the traitor Time Lord used the Time Scoop to send a squad of Daleks to steal them. Their mission: stop the Daleks while the War Doctor uncovers the traitor.

(I am so tempted to have one of those weapons be The Winslow.)

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