GenCon 1992

It was a very full weekend for me indeed, and I needed it. After twelve years of scientific and engineering programming for the local ITT division, I was laid off the previous March 13th (Friday the Thirteenth, of all things) and was unemployed at the time. Therefore, I was determined to make the most of the convention. That included a lot of Amber roleplaying and a lot more roleplaying in general.

Despite everything I did, I did not do a number of usual things. I did not visit the art show except for one brief pass; I didn’t see much of anything worthwhile or could really afford anything this year. I did not see my local friends JR or Mary Jean Holmes, despite my initial intentions to do so, or at least call and talk to them. I didn’t visit The Safehouse, because I was busy almost every evening; likewise I didn’t get to have dinner and conversation with a large number of friends and
acquaintances because they, too, were too busy as well.

I did not play in the Hero Games Justice, Inc. tournament, mainly because I got burned out on the game over the past couple of years. Also, I didn’t attend the final of the Champions tournament, either, as I was otherwise busy at the regular GenCon Amber session.

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