My Website

My website would not have been completed without the following assets and resources.


Software development was done using the NetBeans IDE and the Vertrigo WAMP.


The headers were created using Adobe Photoshop and used brushes from Obsidian Dawn and background images from the Hubble Space Telescope / NASA. The header text font is Village Plain by Mark Heiman, a digital adaptation of the font used for the television series The Prisoner and adapted from the Albertus font. It can be found for downloading here.



The symbol used in the favicon graphics is from the roleplaying game Mage: the Ascension by White Wolf Games and is representative of the Sphere of Prime. (As a private joke, my personal business cards include the symbols of the Spheres of Prime, Mind, Correspondence and Time, representing a number of my basic personal characteristics, although I only claim only the most basic level of expertise in each.)

All of the symbols used for the various Spheres are taken from alchemical lore, This symbol in particular represents essentia, or “essence”, which is the fuel that powers all magickal workings in the game. This symbol (and the other symbols mentioned above) was found in the Alchemy TrueType shareware font set from Cosmorama Enterprises and can be found for downloading here.

The source graphic (depicted left) was created using Adobe Photoshop. The icons in their varying sizes and applications were created from the source using the RealFaviconGenerator website. The icons were added manually to the source using the All-In-One Webmaster plugin.

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