Virgo was created a part of a supervillain group known as the Circle of the Zodiac for a GenCon Champions game.

Name: Virgo (the Virgin)
Secret ID: Deborah Varney
Age: 23
Race: Caucasian
Height: 5′ 1″
Weight: 90 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Build: Slender
Marks: None

Origin: Deborah Varney was a con artist who mainly parleyed a sad, innocent look, a brilliant and cunning mind, and ability at several con games into several fortunes, yet spent each and every fortune on high living as fast as she accumulated it.

Then, as she was working on a major con game, she visited the laboratory of a man doing research into animal behavior. On the tour of the lab she became interested in a set of vials left on a lab table. (The researcher was using a lot of big words to describe his work like pheromone and attractant and brain-chemical receptors that she didn’t understand at the time, but they sounded impressive and expensive.) She did, however, hear him say something about manipulating emotional states in test subjects. Since she was always interested in being able to manipulate people, she pocketed one of the vials as she left.

Later that afternoon she found a cat and gave a small part of the vial to it, then let it go in the alley next to her small apartment. Within minutes the cat was being courted by every tomcat with the area. Impressed, she took the rest of the vial herself, then went out on the prowl herself. She walked down a busy street, inducing fits of weeping, laughing, violence, passivity, anger, and passion in the people she passed. The effects were only transitory, but she was still learning the limits of her power. Later that evening she visited the most expensive stores, asking for and being gladly given whatever clothes or jewelry caught her eye and fancy by inducing feelings of love and worship in the sales clerks and managers. She topped off her night by moving into the finest suite of the finest hotel in the city, dining at their finest restaurant, and having the maitre d’ and the desk clerk personally tear up the bills afterwards.

The next day Deborah paid another visit to the researcher. Using her new found power, she was able to make him doubt, distrust, and finally forget everything about his research.

Powers: There is something hypnotic about Virgo that makes her almost irresistible. That something is a set of pheromones that she produces that stimulates the brain and manipulates the emotions of anyone near her. Anyone human or near-human who takes an unfiltered breath around her breathes a full does of pheromones, which stimulate certain areas of the brain, causing severe emotional states, based on which emotion she was trying to project. Only one emotional state at a time can be commanded, so everyone within range will be manipulated into experiencing the same emotion. Non-human individuals are not affected.

Note that her power is not based on Ego, therefore, Ego rolls to negate the effects of her power after time are not made. Victims can be persuaded that some form of control was used on them, but otherwise they will retain the emotions that were initially imposed on them.

She is also well-versed in the various con games, having gotten her start as a criminal running small-time cons until she developed this power.

Personality: Deborah is a pretty waif who likes to twist people around her finger and enjoy the good life. It was because of the latter that she joined up with the rest of the Circle of the Zodiac. She actually enjoys embarrassing men, and there are several heroes who were manipulated into the strangest of circumstances without any real idea as to how or why they had gotten into that state.

Tactics: Virgo is best used in non-combat situations, like convincing a judge to release a captured teammate or sweet-talking a museum director into ‘loaning’ her some valuable artifact. In a fight, she will target one hero, try to isolate them, then manipulate them into aiding her.

Appearance: Deborah is a short, slender slip of a girl who provokes feelings of protectiveness from most everyone who encounters her. She will usually wear well tailored designer gowns and a lot of expensive jewelry. When working with the rest of the Zodiac she will wear a very revealing white costume, with a white mask over part of her face.

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