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Duncan — The Eternal Warrior

Drake says no one survived the final battle on Finisterrae, that no one was left alive from that world.

He’s wrong. There’s one survivor, and I’ve met him.

It was in a seedy tavern on an out-of-the-way world, where there is always some battle happening. The tavern catered to mercenaries and I was hiring for a particular mission I had in mind. I didn’t notice the man in the corner at first, but when he moved in to the light, I recognized the armor he wore, from a painting Drake once showed me. It was the armor of the royal guard of Finisterrae, and the crossed-swords symbol on the shoulder guard indicated he was a captain.

I dismissed the trio I was speaking to, who were about to argue the point when they noticed where I was staring and quickly retreated. I took the bottle with me and sat down across from him. His eyes flicked across me, judging me as I judged him, and he shoved his cup across to me. I filled it before I filled mine, and we drank a silent toast together before I got down to business.

We spoke for the rest of the evening, then after the tavern closed, moved to his tiny apartment across the street. I brought another bottle, and we drank and smoked the thin white cigars this world favored and talked of battles and wars until dawn. His advice regarding the mission I was considering proved very useful in the days to come, but he refused my offer of employment, saying he wasn’t interested in the affairs of the Lords.

Since then, I’ve kept my ears open for any information about this fellow, and everything I’ve heard only reinforces my impression of him. His record as a commander is exemplary and his status with his superiors and subordinates is first-rate. He is an outstanding tactician and superlative strategist, and expert with more different weapons than anyone else I’ve ever known. In short, he is everything I expected a man like him to be, and more. In other words, he is everything I expected a survivor of Finisterrae to be. That’s enough proof for me.”

– Cal’s Journal

Duncan is exactly what he says he is: a survivor of the last battle against the Dwimmerlaik, but he knows he is not the only one. He is searching the worlds to find the others he knows survived, because he was the one who sacrificed himself to ensure their survival, holding the last defensive position before a hidden Door which he shut behind the others. How he managed to survive after that is still a mystery to him.

But even before then, he was an accomplished warrior and officer, although the records and memories of him have faded over time. Drake doesn’t know it, but Duncan served under him several times, and was always able to disguise or conceal himself and his actions from Drake’s knowledge.


  • Psyche: Paragon
  • Strength: 10 points
  • Endurance: 20 points
  • Warfare: 25 points


  • Cantrips [5 points] – All
  • Warden of the Grand Stair [10 points]


  • Omni-Weapon [9 points] — A shapeshifting weapon that responds to the desires of the wielder. Its normal form is an elegant long sword which he always keeps sheathed at his hip.
    • Deadly Damage [4 points]
    • Limited Shape Shift [4 points] – Any hand-held bladed or bludgeoning weapon or missile weapon of a non-high-technological nature.
    • Mold Gossamer Matter [1 point] – Assures a constant supply of ammunition.
  • Lightning Armor [4 points] — Duncan’s personal heavy plate armor and medium shield, it features lightning bolt motifs.
    • Invulnerable to Conventional Weapons [4 points]
  • Haunted” Scanner [17 points] — An opalescent jewel set into the back of the gauntlet Duncan wears on his left hand, this is actually a battle computer that is capable of scanning individuals and locations for potential dangers and threats. He considers it “haunted” because it speaks in a female voice through a holographic projection that seems to be an echo of someone forgotten in his past: it was not his choice and he is unable to change it. It is also capable of projecting a holographic control panel which is normally how Duncan operates it.
    • Extraordinary Psychic Sense [4 points]
    • Able to Speak and Reason [2 points]
    • Psychic Neutral [2 points]
    • Confer Power [Psychic Neutral] [5 points] – Conceals Duncan’s presence and abilities
    • Follow Path [2 points] – Currently this is set to track the survivors from his last battle on Finisterrae but it can be temporarily changed to track any person he is in close contact with.
    • Connected to the Grand Stair [1 point] – The scanner draws power from the underlying reality that is the Grand Stair.
    • Contains Icon [1 point] – The holographic image is actually an Icon of the person of the mysterious voice but Duncan is not aware of it.

Other Characters

  • Desiree: When he first were introduced, our eyes met, and you sought to draw me into them. You learned your lesson then, do not require me to repeat it.
  • Kitten: A good commander needs a secure supply train on any campaign. I would pick you for just such a command.
  • Lord Zordd: He is everything I would want in an opponent and nothing I would want as an ally.
  • Paragon: Stand up, man! Every time you were defeated, you stood up and came back to victory. Stand up again, and this time come back to yourself.
  • Umbral: There is a place for her somewhere but I have yet to determine what that is.
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