Ashiya was my first ever DragonStorm character and she’s evolved quite a bit from her small beginnings. When I first started playing her, she was a Nightwitch who denied her dragon blood. She was serious, studious and sharp, but also very quiet and reserved. Those qualities haven’t changed, but she now fully embraces her draconic heritage and the abilities it offers. She’s also a Mentor, meaning she is one of the select few who are entrusted with guiding the less experienced Valarians, and a Glyph Master, meaning she is proficient in all three schools of magic, witchcraft, shamanism and wizardry.

Ashiya, sometimes Ashiya Sharr’sdaughter, Ashiya the Silent, Ashiya the Priestess, Ashiya Dragonsborn. A dragon shapeshifter, although for years she denied that side of her heritage, preferring to concentrate on her duties as a priestess of the Lady of Changes and a Valarian Champion.

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