Morgaine’s Character Quiz

Part I: The Easy Stuff

Description: Morgaine is more likely to be considered strikingly handsome than beautiful. She has a proud, aristrocratic face with a firm, dimpled chin and high, fly-away eyebrows over deep-set green eyes and prominent cheekbones. Her eyes are naturally green, but they also refelct any ambient light like a cat’s eyes as a pale green light in their depths. Her hair flows back in waves to the small of her back like a black thundercloud, artfully streaked with grey, Morgaine is very well-built. Her skin is dusky pale, shading from alabaster to marble, with the only color being her thin red lips and long red fingernails. She favors wearing dramatic colors, mostly bright reds, in long flowing gowns of some shimmering fabric like silk or satin. She also wears a golden sash or girdle around her waist. She rarely goes barefoot, wearing sandals that tie off somewhere around mid-calf. For jewelry she wears a large clear crystal pendant around her neck and sometimes a pin in the shape of a crescent moon. She does not bear any weapons.

The preceding, of course, is her human form. Her chaos form is of a demonic cat/human cross, with night-black fur, a half-human, half-feline face with fiery eyes with slit pupils, long claws, and a posture built for a two- or four-legged stance.

[Her appearance was not designed to have any bearing on her parentage: it was based on a piece of artwork I had just purchased that seemed appropriate to use at the time. It was only later, after seeing Cordeir’s description and realized their similarity to Corwin that I realized what I might have been setting my self up for.]

Apparent Age Morgaine appears to be in her mid thirties.

Actual Age Morgaine has lived in the Courts and in her personal Shadow for the personal span of several centuries.

Parents Morgaine has never really known her parents. She was raised in the long adolescence of immortality by a number of individuals and Houses. She has recently, however, begun to question her parentage, especially after coming in contact with Cordeir and Merlin.

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