Description: Turlough is 6′ 1″ and weighs 210 lbs. He is well-built, especially in the shoulders, but not apparently overly-muscled. He has golden brown hair (with some reddish highlights), curly, and a curly fringe beard. His eyes are hazel, set in a broad, smiling face. His hands are large, heavily calloused but precise in their movements.

Trump Description: Turlough’s Trump shows him leaning against a wooden door frame: within can be seen a forge and smithy. He is smiling invitingly, holding a jewel-set, golden metal goblet in his hand and apparently offering it to the viewer.

Parents: Turlough’s mother is Fiona. His father was a sorcerer who collaborated with Fiona on several research projects on a far-away Shadow several centuries ago.

Siblings: Turlough is the fourth and last of his full brothers and sisters. He also has four half-sisters and half-brothers from another sorcerer from the same Shadow.

Titles: None.

Hair & Eye Color: Golden brown curly hair and fringe beard, hazel-green eyes.

Colors: Green and gold

Symbol: Turlough’s personal symbol is a Celtic annular [knotwork] dragon.

Wife: None

Children: None.

Style of Clothing: Turlough prefers brown jerkins and trousers, high boots, and golden armbands and wristbands. The armbands and wristbands are also his make.

Hobbies: Turlough’s most preferred hobby is the creation of delicate glassware. He also plays the piano, hunts, and entertains clients and guests in his sumptuous manor home.

Servants: There are nine golden sentient statues in Turlough’s Shadow home: he affectionately calls then “the Graces” and they tend his home, cleaning and cooking for him. They appear to be lesser creations of Argent, simpler enchantments that can only exist in that particular Shadow.

Holdings and Economic Interests: His only financial interest is his weapons-making business, but he is sufficiently successful that he can pick and choose his clients: many of whom are of the family. He is also sought after as a jeweler, making magickal jewelry for a selected clientele.

Turlough’s Abilities

Known Attributes: Although Turlough is considered a redhead by reason of his parentage, he is not particularly known for his psychic abilities. He is better known for his theoretical fighting skills.

Known Powers: He advertises his sorcerous skills, particularly his skill at enchanting.

Known Aritfacts: Turlough has two known aritfacts.

The first is a sentient silvery statue that accompanies him everywhere he goes. Argent’s usual appearance is of a beautiful woman, but Argent also takes the form of a horse or pegasus or a suit of armor. Turlough always refers to Argent as Argent and never refers to Argent as ‘he’, ‘she’, or ‘it’. He never explains why, nor explains Argent’s origin.

The second is a potent magickal shapeshifting weapon named Bane. Turlough can command it to assume many and varied weapon shapes, including a blaster pistol. (Where he got the pattern for it remains a mystery.)

Known Shadows: Turlough has no control over any Shadow, but he resides in one of the Golden Circle realms where his weapon-making skills are valued.

Allies/Manipulators: None.

Enemies: None known at this time.

Turlough’s Past (as known by the general public)

Nothing really to tell: he’s the son of Fiona; a well-known jeweler, an enchanter and a weapons maker.

Turlough was created in an Attribute Auction at an early Ambercon. I’ve never used him except in crossover campaigns at Ambercon, as he requires a game log to even balance out pointwise.

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