WorldCon 2007

In 2007, the World Science Fiction Convention was held in Yokohama, Japan. This was the first ever time the WorldCon (the colloquial term for the convention) was held in Japan, despite the decades of attempts and the strong SF community in Japan.

I made the effort to have the opportunity to attend, and I took full advantage of it. It was the first WorldCon I attended in several years, primarily because of finances, but I was determined to attend. I was also determined not to do what I did at WorldCons past, especially the Melbourne, Australia, WorldCon, where I flew in (right after attending the Los Angeles NASFiC convention) and flew right back out again to go back to work and never saw much of the country. This time, I would spend some time by myself before the convention going around Tokyo and then after the convention as part of a tour group going to Tokyo, Hiroshima and Osaka.

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