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Kitten — Interdimensional Package Delivery With a Grin

Kitten: always the same look, never the same place.

This time, our meeting was in a very high class formal gentlemen’s club. I knew she was there because I spotted her motorcycle outside: Priss flashed me a jaunty welcome with her headlight as I approached.

Inside, she stood out like a sore thumb, not just because of her sex but also for her looks. Tousled short black hair, black T‑shirt cut off at midriff and tight black jeans, heavy black boots, that’s her. She was sitting and chatting and telling the most filthiest jokes ever heard across the Grand Stair, and these stiff toffs were lapping it up like cream.

I was in a bit of a hurry, so I interrupted what was going to be a very long shaggy dog story involving a virgin princess and the Minotaur (I heard it before, it wasn’t all that funny) and waved the little treasure I brought along to get her attention. She broke off right before getting to one of the good parts, grabbed me by the arm and dragged me off to a side room. I explained the details, told her where to find the goods and where to take them, all the while holding on to the payment: she grinned and disappeared.

I had barely started on my third bottle of an excellent claret when she returned to the club, still grinning. There were traces of smoke and grime across her face and arms, abrasions on her cheeks and a bandage just below her left ribs, so it was an easy job by her standards. I handed her the payment, slid her a glass of claret and made her my usual offer of companionship, of which she only accepted the first two.

When I left, she was continuing her interrupted tale. I trust her audience would appreciate the rare treat she was giving them: she would never return here again, at least, not in their lifetimes.”

– Cal’s Journal

Just remember: despite her name, this Kitten has claws. She’s tough and experienced and nobody’s fool.

When something needs to get somewhere, no matter what kinds of obstacles lie in the path, Kitten will always get it there. As long as she gets paid, that is, and sometimes payment can be tricky. You see, Kitten works for things, pretty things, unique things, valuable things. Most she trades for favors but some she keeps because they are very useful in her trade.

She’s been at her trade for a very long time, even from before the War. (Just don’t ask what she did during the War: she never, ever, ever, talks about it.) As a result, Kitten did of lot of work for a lot of people, and knows where a lot of bodies and secrets are buried. (Some she’s buried herself, bodies and secrets.) Therefore she knows a lot of people and she’s owed a lot of favors. She is also acknowledged by most every authority as knowing more dirty jokes than anyone else in all of the Grand Stair.


  • Psyche: Paragon
  • Strength: Paragon
  • Endurance: 10 points
  • Warfare: 5 points


  • Master of the Grand Stair [35 points]


  • Priss [26 points] — Kitten’s black and silver sentient shapeshifting motorcycle. They go back a long time, possibly to the time even before Kitten walked the Grand Stair. To most people, Priss is just a talking machine, but to those who know them, Priss is Kitten’s companion and full partner.
    • Engine Speed [4 points]
    • Tireless Stamina [4 points]
    • Double Vitality [2 points]
    • Resistant to Firearms [2 points]
    • Combat Reflexes [2 points]
    • Double Damage [2 points]
    • Follow Path [2 points]
    • Linked to the Grand Stair [1 points]
    • Alternate Forms [2 points] – Personal Battle Armor, Mechanical Riding Panther, Humanoid Robot
    • Able to Speak and Reason [2 points]
    • Danger Sensitivity [2 points]
    • Psychic Resistance [1 point]
  • Force Lance Crystal [4 points] — Kitten wields a long blue-glowing crystal that can project a destructive sword blade of blue energy, just one of the many trinkets she’s earned as payment.
    • Deadly Damage [4 points]
  • Omni-Tool Repair Kit [5 points] — Whenever Priss might need some repair, Kitten always relies on her Omni-tool repair kit.
    • Limited Shape Shift [4 points] – Any required tool
    • Mold Gossamer Matter [1 point] – Create needed new part
  • Icon Array [2 points] — Kitten wears a string of medals which are Icons of various persons she can call for favors. (Sometimes, the cost of her services is an Icon of the person.) This includes all of the known Lords of the Stair.


  • Gossamer World Allies (ubiquitous) [6 points] – No matter where Kitten goes, she always knows someone there who can help her out.
  • Lord of the Gossamer Worlds [5 points] – For whatever mysterious reason, Vala appears to favor Kitten and makes use of her services on occasion. Kitten repays her with intelligence regarding the places she’s visited.


  • Good Stuff [2 points]

Other Characters

  • Desiree: Go play your mind tricks on someone else, little girl.
  • Duncan: He’s seeking something. One of these days he’ll tell me what it is and then we’ll talk payment.
  • Lord Zordd: What you really want you can only find inside yourself, so stop asking me for something I can’t deliver.
  • Paragon: I like you but Priss doesn’t for some reason. Go figure.
  • Umbral: Priss likes you for some reason but I don’t. Go figure.
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