Seven Degrees of Brigid

Since I based both versions of my character Brigid (the one from the Red-Headed League and the new one from the New Courts) on my existing Amber character, I thought it might be interesting to create versions for all of the jewel realms.

In all of these realms, Brigid is the daughter of Fiona. Her general appearance remains the same across all realms, with a few noted minor differences: she is tall for a woman (among the women of the realm, only Dierdre would likely be taller then her), slender, with fiery red hair and striking green eyes. They will all have some combination of the powers of shapeshifting, sorcery and conjuration, and psychic abilities.


She is the daughter of Fiona and an angel of light. Or, at least that’s how she describes him. Maybe it was a manifestation of the Phoenix, or a servant of it. Whatever it was, neither Fiona or the Phoenix are explaining. It was rumored that Fiona conceived and gave birth to Brigid in the center of the Primal Pattern. Brigid is a powerful healer; of bodies, but more importantly, of minds and souls. Possesses Sorcery and Enchantment, and has angelic powers (bought as a Major Power) that can manifest as wings of golden fire and as a golden sword to defend her charges. Has given her heart so openly to the world that her love returns to her doubled and redoubled. Wears robes of gold and white. The whites of her eyes are actually pale gold.


She is the daughter of Fiona and a lord of the Summerlands. The virginal warrior maiden, a sworn Knight of the Leviathan, an order of the Knightly Order of Guardians that is reserved for those of the royal blood. Most closely associated with Julian. Also a sorceress and shapechanger, but uses these abilities only to support her primary calling. Wears very fine armor (a gift from her father) in green and silver, and bears a shield with the image of the Leviathan on it. (This was my intent for the original campaign.) No obvious external difference from the baseline.


She is the daughter of Fiona and the Seelie King of Faerie. A Seelie herself, she’s a telepath, a powerful enchantress and a shapeshifter. Spent time growing up in a Shadow of Corwin’s Earth where she was a superheroine. Very striking Faerie appearance: triangular face, pointed ears, slightly slanted eyes.


The daughter of Fiona and a fire elemental. A shapeshifter and sorceress, she is almost invulnerable to fire: her Avatar form is of a fire elemental herself. Also has an extreme temper. Wears golden robes and a lot of gold jewelry. Her red hair glows with an internal fire, and is noticeably warm to the touch.


The daughter of Fiona and a disembodied intelligence. Don’t ask how: Fiona has said that the price for this information is beyond anyone’s ability to pay. Mother’s prize pupil in psychic powers: very cerebral, logical, dispassionate, and amoral. She performs psychic experiments on unknowing people, and then documents the experiments for Fiona’s review. She has an unsettling resemblance to Fiona, as if Fiona were somehow cloned. Wears green and gold.


Fiona’s daughter from a chieri of a Darkover that long since waned into decadence and dreams. Enchantress and telepath. Wears black, and has a flair and craving for the dramatic. Has six fingers on each hand.


The daughter of Fiona and a high Demon Lord. Fiona wanted power, and made a secret pact with the demon to obtain it. Brigid was the price. She was raised in Hell by Succubi and acts like them, and only recently returned to Jet. Is a sorceress of potentially great power, also has demonic abilities (bought as a Major Power: abilities are a mix of legendary demonic powers and D&D demons). In a place named for a black gem, she is very noticeable as she always wears flowing, revealing translucent white robes and nothing at all underneath. Has the ethics and sexual drive of an alley cat. She doesn’t drain souls or lives or anything such as a Succubus might, but she does like to drink the blood of her partners. Her green eyes are slitted like a cat’s, and they reflect the light in the darkness of the castle in an uncanny way that unsettles the observer.

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