404 Page Template

Not exactly a page template, the ‘404.php’ file is used as the landing page for any post or page query that does not exist on the website.

The page here attempts to make sense of the unfound post or page, based on the parameters of the URL.

Category / Tag Search

If the invalid URL refers to a category or tag, the page will attempt to find any category or tag that is similar to the given category or tag.


If the given page is not found, the parent pages and subpages listed for the given page are searched to find any matching pages. Matching pages are reported, otherwise an error message is returned.


If the given post is not found, an error message is returned, either stating that the given date was out of range for the published posts or that there were no posts for the given year, year and month or year, month and date. (WordPress will present any given posts if the given post parameter does match existing posts by the given date parameter or parameters.)

The short URL of the present article is: http://www.terryobrien.me/KmGVq

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