Nothing Amber related, but it is Zelanzy related, so I guess it fits. This is in tribute to Roger who was also a superlative poet.

Flash of uncertainty in sky of precision,
The future rides a hail of light.
No power can make me doubt my decision,
Magic follows science as day follows night.

Starfall comes;
Mana comes like the first snowfall,
Or is it the reverse?

I am Dancer, apprentice to Phoenix;
I take my name from a torment spell.
Once I thought magic illusions and tricks,
What wonders it holds the future will tell.

Starfall comes;
Do the stars send their gifts,
Or is it tears that are falling?

Danger lies beyond this night;
Friends who are, are enemies to be.
For now, though, I watch the sight,
Of Starfall through the endless sea.

Starfall comes;
Life descending from the heavens;
Does it bring death, also?

From the story ‘Mana from Heaven’, by Roger Zelazny, in “More Magic” (edited by Larry Niven.) This poem was started by the hero’s girlfriend, “on the occasion of my first Starfall,” starfall being the yearly meteorite shower that was slowly building up the mana levels on Earth. Only the first line was given in the story; I took it upon myself to finish it.

This was first published in Shadow Shiftin’ 4.

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