Brigid of Amber

My favorite Amber character.

I created Brigid out of an evolving series of Champions superhero characters, eventually settling on a magic / psychic character with psychic powers, shapeshifting abilities and a mysterious past. Brigid was part of a local superhero campaign until one game session that I could not attend (I was working out of town at that time) when the rest of the characters were killed.

A true TPK by the game master. And one that Brigid could have prevented had she been present.

My reaction to the news was to begin to write 1 a story about how Brigid (Changeling) assembled a group of heroes to take down the person who did the deed, as well as stopping his plan for world destruction. It was all working out nicely until I reached the end of the story, and remembered that she had a dilemma: Changeling had the Champions Disadvantage: Code Against Killing. There was no way she would let the man who killed her friends walk away, especially since he would only be freed by his underlings when imprisoned, but she couldn’t kill him, either.

But she had another way. The character, Doctor Shiva (based on Doctor Destroyer from the Champions rules) was Hindu and believed in reincarnation. Brigid also had transformation powers but rarely used them, but now she used them with a vengeance. She used her powers to transform Doctor Shiva (and another of Shiva’s devi minions whom she mind controlled into helping her) into her own unborn children, adding just enough of her own DNA to their own to transform them into twin girls.

Thus, she wound up being pregnant with twins. And that started me looking for a new home for Brigid.

1 I will finish that story one of these days.

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