Everway Characters

Everway was an innovative game system that relied based on a multiversal concept and a strong reliance of roleplaying for conflict resolution. The following is a character I created to experiment with the character creation system.


Virtue: Dragon (Cunning)
Fault: Death (reversed) (Stasis)
Fate: Eagle (Mind Prevails)
Magic and Powers:
Bard’s Touch (0) — Firesong is instinctively able to play any musical instrument he encounters. This does not include knowing what to play, only how to play it.
Dominating Stare (3) — Firesong’s fascinating green eyes, so reminiscent of his father’s. can be very compelling and commanding should he capture the gaze of another within their depths.
Shapechanger (wolf) (2) — Firesong discovered this ability when he started puberty. At first it was a trial but he eventually learned to adapt and control his changes. This ability does not afford him the legendary supernatural protection of a lycanthrope, but he is also not bound or tied to the moon’s changes in order to transform.
Fire: 3 (Running)
Air: 5 (Singing)
Water: 4 (Stealth)
Earth: 3 (Resist domination)

Possessions: Neclkace of several pipeces of amber: the central piece has a trapped insect within; leather pouch; handful of small and medium size semi-precious stones and small, finely-carved ivory and bone figures; several small gold nuggets; camping equipment and traveling kit; woolen and linen tunics and trousers; sturdy knee-high leather boots; fur-trimmed and embroidered cloak; twin curved steel daggers; small harp (in traveling case).

History: Windsinger, Firesong’s mother, was a singer and Spherewalker with an unfortunately knack for displeasing the cultures she encountered. Whether it was singing an ill-omened song or asking too many questions, her visits to many of the spheres she wandered through were unfortunately briefer than she wished.

After one such encounter, literally running for her life, Windsinger passed through a heretofore unknown Gate that led to a large stone circle, with each passage between the stones another Gate. She was so tired from her Spherewalking that she did not notice which Gate she passed through; instead, she collapsed to the ground within the circle and slept.

While she slept, she dreamt that a fire-haired, lambent-eyed man came through another Gate to discover her and comfort her. That comfort led to love, and they lay together for the rest of that impossibly long night.

When dawn finally came, Windsinger awoke. The dream of the night remained with her, and the amber necklace the man wore. She took a Gate at random, finding it led to a familiar setting. Two months later she discovered (and finally admitted to herself) that she was pregnant, and made her way back to Everway, where she would remain until Firesong was mature enough to live by himself. Then, Windsinger left, seeking the Gate of the fire-haired man of her dream.

She named her son Firesong, for the bright red hair he had at his birth and the memory of his father singing to her. She had a feeling that Firesong would become an even greater bard than she, and she was correct. She trained Firesong in music, and coaxed anyone else she could into training him as well. When Firesong’s musical ability became fully known, he had little trouble finding suitable tutors in Everyway on his own, and to support himself.

Description: Tall and rangy, with his bright display of neatly tied-back red hair and green eyes, Firesong is a very noticeable individual, as well as being quite a handsome one. He smiles a lot, and commonly hums under his breath or whistles. He also likes to make crude musical instruments from native plants, playing them and giving them away to interested children.

History: Firesong was the first Everway character I created. I was intrigued by the game, not just because it was by Jonathan Tweet, whose name I recognize from his many and fine contributions to the gaming APA Alarums & Excursions, but also for its style and approach to roleplaying.

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