Rayesha was an early attempt to create a different Amber character than what I was doing: a Romany Trump Artist and sorceress. Alas, though, I never got the opportunity to play her.

Gypsy Woman

Description: Rayesha is about 5′ 8″ tall and weighs 135 lbs. She has hair so black that it has blue highlights, and eyes the color of  the night without stars. Her hair flows back in rippling waves well past her shoulders, and hangs loose and unbound. Her skin is a creamy nutmeg-brown hue.

Trump Description; Her Trump depicts her before her fortune-telling table, tent, and traveling wagon, standing proud and erect and facing the viewer but looking out into the distance over their right shoulder. She is wearing a low-necked, full-sleeved light purple blouse knotted between her breasts and slipped down her right shoulder, and a skirt of the same color, wrapped about her waist and belted with a chain of golden coins. A crystal dangles from a long pearl necklace hanging low between her breasts, and golden bracelets adorn her wrists. She is wearing black knee-high leather boots. In her left hand is a spread of six cards. On the table, which is spread with a blue cloth bordered with bands of gold and golden moons, is a crystal ball. The wagon behind, which is reflected in the crystal, is of sturdy wood, with a glass window and wooden barrels roped to the side.

Parents: Rayesha’s father was Alejandro, a flamboyant son of a clan chieftan, who fought and defeated a dozen men to win the right to woo Rayesha’s mother. Rayesha’s mother was Asheera, the daugher of her clan leader, a wild, beautiful, passionate dancer, and a powerful sorceress. It was Asheera who taught Rayesha how to use her many sorcerous gifts, while Alejandro taught her the ways of horses and healing animals.

Siblings: Rayesha had several brothers and sisters among the Rom, and now maintains contact with their children and grandchildren.

Titles: Rayesha is known by many names among the Rom: Spellchanter, Pathmaker, Trickster.

Hair & Eye Color: Midnight black hair and eyes.

Colors: Purple, Gold

Symbol: Rayesha’s personal symbol is a golden wagon wheel on a purple background. It is on the backs of all the Trumps she makes.

Husband: None.

Children: None.

Style of Clothing: Rayesha’s favorite garb is a loose blouse and skirt in purple, and knee-high black boots.

Hobbies: Rayesha’s purpose in life leaves her little time for hobbies, but she does take an active interest in herbology and learning new conjurations and old stories from the wise women of the clans she meets.

Servants: None. (A Rom doesn’t need servants: anything she can’t do herself she doesn’t need done.)

Holdings and Economic Interests: None (Holdings for a gypsy? They only get in the way.)

Rayesha’s Abilities

Known Attributes: Rayesha has a passionate will that can easily enthrall any animal, and many humans, she comes in contact with. She is in particular demand in certain areas as a horse trainer, being able to calm an animal with but a wave of her hand before its eyes.

Known Powers: The Tarot cards she uses are easily recognizable as Trumps, and she will admit (but not freely) that she made them herself. Pattern users will recognize she is also an Initiate in the Broken Pattern. She is also known as a powerful sorceress and enchantress, and healer.

Known Aritfacts: The Tarot deck she has looks like a regular deck, but the images on the cards will sometimes transform during a reading to become the person or place they represent. She also wears a bracelet, used by travelers from Amber, to traverse and manipulate Shadows.

Known Shadows: None, and all.

Allies/Manipulators: None. Rayesha walks alone, in order to help all Rom who need her aid.

Enemies: No one in particular, but in general, police forces and anyone else who would seek to imprison or harass any member of the Rom.

Rayesha’s Past

Rayesha’s history is known to only a few: tales about her, however, have been told for several decades (dilligent research will in fact indicate that the tales, and her, are several decades old. This is because of the different rates of time flowing throughout Shadow that has left her relatively young.)

The tales tell that Rayesha’s father was Alejandro, a flamboyant son of a clan chieftan, who fought and defeated a dozen men to win the right to woo Rayesha’s mother. They go on to say that Alejandro became a clan chieftan in his own right, supported by his sorceress wife, Asheera.

The tales also tell that Rayesha’s mother was Asheera, the daugher of her clan leader,a wild, beautiful, passionate dancer, and also a powerful sorceress and enchantress. It was Asheera who taught Rayesha how to use her many sorcerous gifts. She learned how to handle horses from her father, who was a noted horse thief, rider, and breeder of horses.

Since becoming an adult, she has taken on a career as protectoress of the Rom, whether it be as a healer of body and mind, warder and defender of the spirits of her kind, or leader of clans through Shadow to escape pursuit. Anything she does is to advance the cause of her people, in what ever venue

Character History

When I discovered the image (shown above) online, I knew I had to create an Amber character based on it. It was the first Amber character I created without any true Amber heritage, and it was also the first Trump Artist character I created. Unfortunately, I never actually found the chance to play her. I have been unable to remember where I first found the image, and a web search for the image doesn’t provide any clues as to the artist.

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