Brigid’s Apartment


To the north is a wooden table which acts as a casual table, with a shield and two crossed and sheathed swords on the wall above, surrounded with torches. The device on the shield is of a rampant Unicorn (vert, a unicorn rampant azure) and the swords are well cared for but are otherwise unremarkable.

To the south is a large woven tapestry of Oberon on the hunt that covers almost the entire wall, flanked by two more torches. The legend behind the tapestry is that it depicts a true event: Oberon spent two weeks without rest pursuing a fabulous white stag in the Forest of Arden, eventually wearing out everyone else in the hunt, his own horse included. When at last he approached the stag standing, exhausted, in a clearing, he merely gazed at it for several minutes and then left it alone, his gift to that noble beast for such an excellent hunt. The tapestry depicts the white stag in the far right hiding amidst the trees, while Oberon’s hunting party occupies the left half of the tapestry.

On the floor of the foyer is a very large animal skin with richly luxurious golden fur, of a unknown animal from an unknown Shadow, and found, neglected and forgotten, in a storeroom in the Castle by Brigid herself when she was scavenging for furniture. Over twenty feet long and ten feet wide, its history is unknown and it remains a mystery to everyone who sees it.


The center area of the room is open, with a large wooden and metal chandelier hanging from the ceiling, lit the same way as the torches. Below the chandelier is a octagonal table of dark inlaid wood resting on a large circular rug of patterned green wool on the floor. In the center of the table is a crystal dish holding a jumble of fresh fruits. If necessary this table is used for private meals, with chairs being drawn from the rest of her quarters.

Reflection Room

To the south of the center area is her ‘reflection’ room, designed for relaxation and meditation. A low, narrow table separates this room from the central area: several planters of the local flowering plants with foliage trailing to the floor are currently set on the table.

A fireplace is set against the south wall, with a heavy wooden mantlepiece above: an antique clock ticks away there and chimes the quarter hours and the hours. The fireplace is screened with brass and a rack of polished brass implements and a pile of firewood flank it. The firewood is apple, which fills the air with the scent of apples when burned. On the walls to each side of the fireplace are bookcases and nick-knack shelves, mostly unoccupied at the moment with the colorful exception of a set of the paperback novels by “Mad Roger” about Corwin’s return to Amber.

A side table between two large reclining leather chairs stands before the fireplace; a knitted rug rests on the back of the left-hand chair, a sign that it is Brigid’s favorite. A sabretooth tiger skin (complete with head, another of Brigid’s finds) lies on the floor between the chairs and the fireplace.

A large trophy case is standing against the west wall, with glass doors and shelves: it is largely unoccupied except for a couple of trophies from Brigid’s home Shadow.

Personal Office and Casual Area

The area to the north is divided by a low wall into a personal office to the west and a small casual area to the east.

The office has a rolltop wooden desk and a file cabinet against the west wall, two work tables against the eastern wall, a wooden desk chair, and a side chair. Above the desk is a cork board, and a number of notes and messages are tacked to it. This area is designed for her to handle her personal affairs.

The casual area has a couple of comfortable chairs, a low corner sofa and coffee table. This area is set up for casual music making and conversation. Several instruments are around the area, all carefully racked or cased for protection.

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