Samantha Grey

The basement covers the area below the office and bathroom. It is walled and floored with thick concrete; the walls are painted white and floor is carpeted in white and gold. In the center is a large four‐poster bed, with white satin sheets and woolen blankets. Several wooden wardrobes and a makeup table are pushed against the walls. Underneath the bathroom another sink was installed, this one in ornate marble with brass fittings. Her Haven is a specially‐constructed vault under the bed: it swings aside at the touch of a hidden switch. Hidden behind a wardrobe on the south wall is another cubbyhole, about 3′ x 3′ and five feet high, lined again with concrete. There is a small crawlspace below the front room and kitchen that is accessible only from the basement. There are no windows in the basement.

A modern heating and air conditioning system was recently installed in the attic, with the exterior elements installed in the crawlspace underneath the kitchen. There is also is an up‐to‐date fire detection and burglar alarm system installed in the attic. All windows and doors are connected to the alarm system. An alarm is installed in every room of the house, including a very loud one in the basement.

Behind the house is a converted shed which is now the garage for her prized antique British roadster.

Every few weeks Samantha has a mute neighbor woman come to clean and dust the house in the early evening.

Samantha normally only accepts appointments in the early and late evening during the week; she reserves the weekends for herself unless there is a major need for her aid. There are no signs indicating her business outside, only a house number, and Samantha advertises only by word of mouth. Many people in the neighborhood know about her business, however, and will sometimes consult her, but will not reveal her location to strangers. The neighborhood is run‐down and home to transients, particularly Gypsies. For her part Samantha has tried to stay on good relations with the Gypsies and they have left her alone.

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