Morgana smiled as she stroked his forehead and began to speak, when she heard a tiny noise behind her. Turning, she could see Carolyn standing behind her, staring wide-eyed and holding a tiny golden cross before her. The light reflecting off the cross glittered painfully in Morgana’s eyes, and, wincing, she involuntarily turned her head aside, barely succeeding in keeping a wary eye on Carolyn.

Silently Carolyn approached, holding the cross out before her. The light reflected off of the cross into Morgana’s eyes no matter how Carolyn held it. Morgana backed away against the far wall of the small alcove, watching Carolyn warily. Carolyn stopped beside James and turned her head to observe him.

“He hasn’t been harmed,” said Morgana, wiping a thin, drying trickle of blood from her chin. “Not much, that is, but he’ll be okay. Now would you please put that cross away?”

Carolyn glared back wordlessly, the fierce look in her eyes saying all that needed to be said. Morgana shrugged, then, steeling herself and averting her eyes, she quickly stepped forward and slapped away Carolyn’s hand. With the cross out of her line of sight she caught Carolyn’s gaze in her own. “Put that cross away, and leave it there. And don’t make any attempt to flee or call for help,” she commanded.

Unable to move or turn away from the power of Morgana’s eyes, Carolyn instead glared angrily back in response. Morgana’s will struggled with Carolyn’s for several long, tense moments before Carolyn’s eyes suddenly glazed over and she slowly slid the cross under the neck of her blouse. She blinked once, twice, returning to full consciousness, then tried to withdraw the cross again, only to have her hand clench uncontrollably as she brought it to her neck. She tried to flee, but her feet seemed firmly attached to the floor. She tried to call out for help, but her tongue froze in her mouth.

In desperation and resignation Carolyn glared at Morgana. “What are you going to do with me?” she asked bleakly.

Morgana had knelt to examine James; she looked up at Carolyn, saying amusedly in reply “I’m going to let you go.” Morgana grinned at Carolyn’s startled expression. “After we’ve had a little talk, that is. But first let me finish with James here: I don’t want any distractions.”

Morgana reached over and stroked lightly James on the temple. “James, do you hear me?” she said softly.

James’ answer was a quiet “Yes.”

“James, listen to me very carefully. I’m going to wake you up now. When you awaken you will feel refreshed and wonderful. You won’t notice anyone else here; we’re the only two people here. You’ll thank me and then leave to go back to your room. You do have a room here, don’t you?”

James nodded once.

“Good. You’ll go to your room, go to bed, and sleep deeply and well, restoring yourself for tomorrow, then awaken at your usual time.

“Do you understand?”

James nodded again, a slow bobbing motion repeated several times.

“Excellent, James. Now, at the count of three, you’ll wake up. One, two, three.” With that, Morgana snapped her fingers several times, and James opened his eyes and smiled and blinked at Morgana. He then yawned and stretched, saying “That felt wonderful,” as he looked at his watch.

“Jeez, look at the time! I’ve got an early panel tomorrow!” He bounced to his feet, smiling to Morgana and ignoring Carolyn entirely. “I’ll see you later.” With that, James blindly stepped around Carolyn and walked swiftly out of the alcove.

“Pleasant dreams, James,” called Morgana softly.

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