“There is one other matter to attend to, Master,” said Father Mitchell suddenly. He placed his hand firmly on Morgana’s shoulder. “This one risked her existence to succor our sister, and is owed a debt by the Order.”

Startled, Morgana stared at Father Mitchell. The Master gazed impassively between him and Morgana. “What say you? What would you have of us in return for your assistance?”

Morgana could only slowly shake her head. “I can’t think of anything right now,” she said with a confused look on her face. “Maybe you can put it on my tab?”


The hollow, echoing voice resounded in the chapel and every eye turned upward to see its source. A figure in obscuring glowing white robes appeared to hang in mid air before the stained glass symbol.

“This one has earned a reward, and a reward she will receive.”

A beam of purest white light streamed down from the center of the stained glass symbol, enveloping Morgana completely. Several of the initiates cried out, some in plain surprise, others, like Michael, saying that her just punishment had found her at last.

Morgana froze in place, wondering too if she is being punished, then she felt the light penetrate her very being. The light was warm and gentle, and a gentle woman’s voice in her mind soundlessly reassured her. She felt a quickening deep within her, stirring something long dead or long asleep, and she reveled in the feeling that expanded to fill her body and soul with an onrush of light and power as she had never known before.

Suddenly the figure vanished. The light winked out, leaving Morgana standing alone in the aisle, smiling.

The Master silenced everyone present with a curt gesture, then approached Morgana. Morgana opened her mouth and extended her fangs, touching them gently. The Master blinked in surprise at the sight, then laid her hand upon Morgana’s head. “Impossible,” she said in wonder after a long pause.

“Where the Oracles are involved, very little is impossible, Clarissa,” said Father Mitchell, approaching Morgana. “If I am not mistaken, however, it would seem that they have, however, created a miracle: the Awakening of the Avatar of a vampire. Am I correct?”

The Master nodded in amazement, staring in wonder at Morgana.

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