Morgaine’s Character Quiz

Part 2: The Stuff That You Think That You Know


Psyche : 17 [4th]
Strength : ‑10 [Chaos]
Endurance : 1 [7th]
Warfare : ‑10 [Chaos]


Logrus Mastery
Sorcery (Morgaine hangs about a dozen spells in the Logrus, which usually includes one or two personal or small area wards, a similar number of powerful thunderbolts, a couple of dazzling hypnotic charms to enchant or enthrall the lessers around her, and at least one personal teleportational spell, plus a few minor spells which are solely designed to enhance her life, such as summoning her clothing from across the room, quickly drying herself after a bath, etc.)


Morgaine has this strange crystal ball that she got from Stephen (if I remember correctly) that he pulled from the dead body of an opponent. It is some sort of Trump Artifact, and can be used in one of two ways. The first way is as a “meta-trump” that can observe anyone (or anything) Morgaine is familiar with. No communication is possible, and the person being viewed has a distinct psychic sense of someone watching them. Morgaine has already used a psychic connection with another Amberite to search for individuals she has not met but that the Amberite had.

The second is that it can also scan a particular Shadow and reveal anyone attempting to manipulate it. It can also be used to “undo” such manipulation while watching the manipulator.

The crystal has become attuned to Morgaine and can only be used by her; attunement is for life and the only way to transfer attunement is if Morgaine dies. I think it rather obvious that I was more than a little perturbed when Kimbo said that it was attuned to me and that only my death can release it. I can just imagine the master of its former owner wanting it back.

One other thing Kimbo mentioned: some time in Morgaine’s far distant (i.e., unrecorded) past she performed a great favor to the Dragon Makigolfar and he owes her a favor in return. Makigolfar, by the way, transported Cordeir and Morgaine from wherever Cordier had summoned him to Corwin’s Pattern, moving through the Shadows in no manner fathomable by Morgaine, who would have recognized the power of the Logrus and is sensitive to feel the presence of Pattern during the trip.


Lorrylliar (Personal, Guard, Control of Time)

This Shadow has a communication barrier against Pattern and Psyche (from both the inside and the outside) and Magic, Trump, and Logrus (from the outside only). The Shadow may only be entered through an intricate maze that shifts about at Morgaine’s whim, and is guarded by a fanatical host of human and monstrous defenders.

Other Point Expenditures

Amber Devotee
Chaos Devotee

Good/Bad Stuff



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