Morgaine’s Character Quiz

Part 3: The Slightly Harder Stuff

- So, what have you been doing since the day of the Ball?

Morgaine has been quite busy.

First she participated in the attempt to reach Deirdre via Trump that eventually wound up in destroying the Library in Castle Amber (along with King Random’s drum set.) Then she went to visit Dworkin with a group of Amberites and got a set of Trumps from him. She used one to contact Cordeir, who took her to Corwin’s Pattern, where she watched him walk the Pattern and make a cryptic pronouncement to her. She briefly aided Alcyone in her quest to aid her cousin Brandy, then returned to Lorrylliar. When she left again, she was riding towards Amber when she met Alain and Stephan in the Forest of Arden, and then continued to Amber.

At Amber she encountered the crystal ball and used it to find Alcyone and Cordeir. Finding Alcyone in Rebma, Morgaine shape-shifted into a flying form and flew to the Staircase and dove underwater. After some initial hesitation the guards escorted her to Alcyone, Brandy, and Baran.

- Anything you’re particularly proud of during that time?

Visiting Dworkin and actually being audacious enough to kiss him on the cheek.

- Anything ashamed of?

Not really, considering how self-assured and self-centered Morgaine is.

- Why did you attend the Ball?

Morgaine got an invitation from Fiona to attend, which spurred her curiosity. The opportunity to tweak the noses of a large gathering of Amberites was too much for Morgaine to resist. Besides, she has contacts in both the Courts and Amber and sees nothing wrong in making new contacts or acquaintances.

- What were you doing, and where, when you received the summons?

If you must know, Morgaine was taking a bath when Fiona managed to pierce the Trump barrier around the Shadow. (Morgaine was most annoyed, intrigued, and impressed with the feat.)

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