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The following is taken directly from the my Résumé page:


  • November, 2011 to January, 2012 — Vera Bradley / Manpower, Fort Wayne, Indiana
    •  Shipping Clerk
      Worked for Vera Bradley during the Christmas holiday season. Alternated between pulling stock order items on request and filling and processing order packages for shipping.
  • April, 2011 — Vera Bradley / Manpower, Fort Wayne, Indiana
    •  Stocking Clerk
      Worked the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum. Alternated on days between moving goods within the sorting and restocking area with bagging and assisting at the sales stations.
  • January, 2010 to September, 2010 — US Census Bureau, Fort Wayne, Indiana
    •  Field Operations Office Clerk
      Print, label, collate and bind material for field operations; process returning field material; track field operation progress and report status and summary information to management; write internal documentation.


  • January, 2008 to Present — Fort Wayne Cherry Blossom Festival, Fort Wayne, Indiana
    •  Committee Member
      I am a committee member of the Fort Wayne Cherry Blossom Festival, an annual event taking place in mid-May. I am responsible for the production and judging of the Cosplay Contest and I also aid in judging the Animé Art Contest. I also assist with the promotion of the Cherry Blossom Festival at other events such as the Appleseed Comics Convention.
  • January, 2002 to Present — Allen County Public Access, Fort Wayne, Indiana
    •  Volunteer Audio and Camera Operator
      I have over 600 volunteer hours at the Allen County Cable Access Center as a studio and remote camera operator and audio board operator for several cable access programs, including “American Legion News”, “Calling All Angels Live”, “It’s All About Love”, “Rock the Plaza” and “Smokey Montgomery Live”.
      • 2008, 2012: Videographer at the Rock the Plaza concert series, Fort Wayne, IN
      • 2008: Videographer for the LEEDS training seminars, Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, IN
      • 2008: Remote videographer for the “American Legion News” special on the American flag lowering and raising ceremony at Glenbrook Dodge, Fort Wayne, IN
      • 2007: Remote videographer for the “American Legion News” special on the traveling Vietnam War Memorial Wall exhibit, Fort Wayne, IN
      • 2006: Remote videographer for the “American Legion News” special on the tour of the WW II Victory Museum, Auburn, IN
      • 2006: Videographer and camera operator at the second annual New Thought Music Concert and the New Thought Music Awards Ceremony, Phoenix, AZ
      • 2005: Videographer at the first annual New Thought Music Concert and the New Thought Music Awards Ceremony, Phoenix, AZ
      • 2005: Videographer and DVD producer at the 2005 Nebula Awards Ceremony of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Chicago, IL
      • 2002–2005: Producer, on‑camera host and camera operator for the public access program “The Gamer”.

  • November, 1986 to November, 2006 — WindyCon, Chicago, Illinois
    •  Assistant Art Show Director
      Assisted the Director of the Art Show at WindyCon, a major regional science fiction and fantasy convention in the greater Chicago area. Responsibilities included supervising setup and tear down of the art show facilities, assisting artists with checkin including assisting with hanging artwork and filling out processing paperwork, entering artist data into the art show database, performing regular security sweeps during open show hours, organizing and supervising the processing of artwork after the close of the show and before the art auction and assisting the Art Show Director with whatever she requires.
  • May, 1986 to Present — MediaWest*Con, East Lansing, Michigan
    •  Art Show Assistant
      Act as volunteer assistant for the art show at MediaWest*Con, a science fiction and fantasy media convention in East Lansing, Michigan. Responsibilities include overseeing the after show processing of artwork including dividing the sold and unsold artwork from the artwork held for auction, overseeing the staff sorting the artwork to be auctioned into lots such that no artist, subject or art form dominates any single lot, transport the artwork by lot to the auction area, update the auction listings to show which lot is being auctioned, retrieve auctioned artwork for post-auction processing, make announcements as necessary during the art auction, auction specialty items as necessary during the auction and keep the art show staff updated on events during the auction.
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