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Personal Information

Terry O’Brien 7303 Tanbark Lane Fort Wayne, In 46835–1850 (260) 485‑2914


When I was senior in high school, the girl that I sat next to in choir wrote something very important about me on the copy of her senior picture that she gave me. On the back of it she wrote:

Quiet, observant, kind and gentle: those are the things you are.

It took me some time to understand she was far more perceptive than I ever imagined her to be, because she was entirely correct. That was how I lived, how I acted, how I presented myself, and I like to think I stayed that way through all the subsequent years. I still listen far more than I speak, except when I’m expected to speak, and then I can talk for hours. I still watch and observe but I make a point not to judge hastily. I still hold doors for people and thank people who hold the door for me. I still find that animals and children instinctively like me. I believe these four characteristics are a pretty good base to start with. She wasn’t entirely complete, though, because I am also adaptable, creative, knowledgeable and responsible. I was in many professional situations involving different industries, technologies and demands over my various careers. As a result, I learned to adapt quickly on the job, learning many new skills and techniques and creatively applying them to to anything for which I was responsible. I understood that I was entrusted with these responsibilities and my inherent nature made me take that trust very seriously.


My goals are quite simple: I want to work. I like to work. I like to keep busy doing something productive, something that makes use of my many and varied skills and abilities. Its something I learned from my parents, who are always busy doing something in their lives. Even when I’m not working, I am always doing something, usually something like learning something new or practicing or reviewing something old with an eye to making it better. However, I am a little particular on what I work on. I want to work on something that does something positive, whether its for just the people involved or the city, state, country or company I work for. I would like to know that what I work on has some value, some importance, greater or lesser.



B.S., Computer Science, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana (1979)

Areas of Expertise


I possess over thirty years of professional software development experience, employing a thorough understanding of software design concepts, debugging and testing techniques and documentation standards throughout the entire software design cycle, thereby accumulating a wealth of programming experience in a variety of situations, languages, applications and environments. I was involved in all aspects of scientific and engineering software and all phases of software development, particularly software design, coding, testing, maintenance and documentation. I have extensive experience in small-scale and large-scale scientific and engineering programming projects, either working independently and as part of a team. My software skills include a strong foundation in sound programming methods and principles.

  • Software Analysis and Design
  • Scientific / Engineering Programming
  • System Analysis
  • System Programming
  • Software Integration
  • System Integration
  • Software Maintenance
  • Software Translation
  • Software Documentation
  • Computer Operations
  • System Management
  • Security Planning
  • User Training
  • User Manual Creation
  • Web Programming
  • Web Design
  • Graphics Design
  • C
  • Java
  • Pascal
  • PHP
  • JavaScript, jQuery
  • JSON, Ajax
  • DOM
  • XML
  • NetBeans
  • MediaWiki
  • WordPress

Photography and Videography

I possess both an excellent eye for recognizing worthwhile scenes and images and an artistic sense of style for capturing these scenes as still and video images under a variety of circumstances in a variety of locations and environments. I was exposed to the art of photography through the Boy Scouts as a teenager and later became a news and sports photographer in high school and college. I continued my love of photography throughout my entire adult life, making a lengthy photographic record of my travels and experiences. It was only logical that my interest and talents and experience in photography carried over into videography, as well. A series of photographic images can tell a story, but so can a series of images that make up video, and video can include sound, as well.

  • Adobe Encore
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Première


  • Clerical and Administrative
  • Data Entry
  • Word Processing
    • Microsoft Office suite
    • Open Office Suite

Work History


  • January, 2003 to Present — Personal
  • January, 2003 to January, 2012 — Alpha Video Production, Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • March, 1997 to June, 2001 — Navistar / International Trucks, Fort Wayne, Indiana
    •  Software Engineer
      Wrote and maintained second and third generation C Language program to extract bill of material records from vehicle design database for BOM purchasing systems at the manufacturing plants. Designed, wrote and maintained program to audit bill of material records from plant BOM purchasing systems and generate error reports and correction records; wrote user documentation for program, including program flow of control information, explanations of command line parameters, descriptions of input file formats, and descriptions and explanations of error messages. Designed, wrote and maintained user software for assigning model / feature code records to individual plants. Rewrote feature record extract program to include release numbers and dates for manufacturing plants. Designed and wrote program to edit plant assignments for feature codes. Designed and wrote Java program to perform pre-release certification tests; designed user login and test interface screens, validated user input and coördinated tests with JNI subroutines, displayed and recorded test results and logged tests for future examination. Was responsible for servicing requests to supply missing and corrected bill of material records to the requesting plants.
  • August, 1996 to January, 1997 — Aid Association for Lutherans, Appleton, Wisconsin
    •  Software Engineer
      Updated C Language programs for regular quarterly release of field agent software. Modified user-interface modules and print modules to accommodate changes in state regulations and company offerings. Revised database conversion program for quarterly release.
  • June, 1994 to June, 1996 — Appleton Papers, Appleton, Wisconsin
    •  Software Engineer
      Translated Computer Associates CA-Generator software into DEC VAX C Language programs with embedded DEC VAX Rdb SQL. Developed software to support the installation of a paper roll tracking system at a remote processing plant. Designed and wrote programs to manipulate database entries with real-time data sharing and concurrent access conditions. Updated these programs to display error information for operations personnel, to allow supervisors to monitor and purge error reports, to concurrently monitor communications, to provide regular reporting of system status, to log and report database error conditions, and to support test operations.
  • January, 1993 to September, 1993 — AlliedSignals, South Bend, Indiana
    •  Software Test Engineer
      Designed, wrote, maintained and documented test procedures for the embedded jet engine fuel controller software for AlliedSignals Engine Controls Division. Test procedures were created using a proprietary test script language and performed on a dedicated testing facility.
  • June, 1988 to March, 1992 — ITT Aerospace / Optics, Fort Wayne, Indiana
    •  Software Engineer
      Designed, wrote and maintained software test packages and written test procedures for the Geo-Stationary Orbiting Earth Satellite (GOES) weather satellite program. Responsible for several individual test procedures, each test involving user interaction, reliable real-time data acquisition, extensive data analysis and verification, and multiple report and plot generation. Created instrument and test equipment interface libraries and extensive test data generation.
  • March, 1985 to June, 1988 — ITT Aerospace / Communications, Fort Wayne, Indiana
    •  Systems Designer
      Lead designer for the EUPHORIA radio monitoring system program, responsible for the initial software design.
    •  Software Engineer
      Coded, integrated, and debugged the system control software for the EUPHORIA radio monitoring system program. Lead programmer of the three-man team, responsible for the programming of the user interface, real-time database library, low-level function interfaces, and equipment command and control software. Maintained a DOD SECRET clearance during assignment to this project.
  • March, 1980 to March, 1992 — ITT Aerospace / Communications, Fort Wayne, Indiana
    •  Computer Operations
      Computer operator, system manager, and staff programmer for the Engineering Services Department. Operator and manager for a Pr1me 550 and a VAX/VMS 11780 computer system, responsible for the regular operational duties, resource monitoring, tracking, and planning and computer and site security. Managed the transition between the Pr1me 550 and VAX/VMS 11780 computer systems. Attended DEC VAX training seminars on system operation and system programming, and DOD training seminars on computer security.
    •  User Instructor
      Responsible for initial and supplemental user training and authoring of instructional material. Presented regular user training sessions.
    •  Systems Programmer
      Revised the system accounting reporting and monitoring program, created an on-line calculation utility, a PERT reporting and graphing program, and a manpower forecasting program, implemented a plotting library for the Versatec electrostatic plotter and CalComp bed plotter.

Photography and Videography

  • January, 2009 to Present — Midwest Training Institute of Hypnosis, Fort Wayne, Indiana
    •  Client
      Videographer, audio recorder, CD and DVD producer for the Midwest Training Institute of Hypnosis.Responsible for recording classroom and lecture sessions for editing, mastering and production as DVD series. Responsible for recording, editing and mastering audio sessions for CD production and client and customer sales. Responsible for producing promotional video segments for the Institute.
  • October, 2008 to Present — Allen County War Memorial Coliseum, Fort Wayne, Indiana
    •  Video Camera Operations
      Operate video camera during activities at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum, including and especially Fort Wayne Komets home games but also other events including school commencement ceremonies, flat-track roller derby matches and public and private events.
  • September, 2016 to Present — Purdue Fort Wayne Athletics Department
    •  Gameday Video Operations
      Video camera operator for the Purdue University Athletics Department. Duties include video camera operation for men’s and women’s basketball, soccer and volleyball and men’s baseball and women’s softball.
  • November, 2007 to April, 2017– Fort Wayne Mad Ants NBA D‑League Basketball, Fort Wayne, Indiana
    •  Gameday Video Operations
      Gameday videographer for home games of the Fort Wayne Mad Ants. Duties include following game play for Internet broadcast and recording video for distribution to both coaches and the officiating crew after the game.
  • October, 2008 to November, 2008 — Fort Wayne Freedom Indoor Football, Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • October, 2007 to December, 2007 — Fort Wayne Fusion Indoor Football, Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • March, 2005 to July, 2010 — Come2Go Ministries / Come2Go Music Hall, Fort Wayne, Indiana
    •  Camera Operator
      Acted as camera operator for the monthly Open Mic Nights at the Come2Go Ministries / Come2Go Music Hall free performances. Operated center camera primarily and remote handheld camera and boom camera during performances.
  • January, 2003 to January, 2012 — Alpha Video Production, Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • January, 2002 to Present — Stage Hypnotist Paul Knight, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


  • November, 2011 to January, 2012 — Vera Bradley / Manpower, Fort Wayne, Indiana
    •  Shipping Clerk
      Worked for Vera Bradley during the Christmas holiday season. Alternated between pulling stock order items on request and filling and processing order packages for shipping.
  • April, 2011 — Vera Bradley / Manpower, Fort Wayne, Indiana
    •  Stocking Clerk
      Worked the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum. Alternated on days between moving goods within the sorting and restocking area with bagging and assisting at the sales stations.
  • January, 2010 to September, 2010 — US Census Bureau, Fort Wayne, Indiana
    •  Field Operations Office Clerk
      Print, label, collate and bind material for field operations; process returning field material; track field operation progress and report status and summary information to management; write internal documentation.


  • January, 2008 to Present — Fort Wayne Cherry Blossom Festival, Fort Wayne, Indiana
    •  Committee Member
      I am a committee member of the Fort Wayne Cherry Blossom Festival, an annual event taking place in mid-May. I am responsible for the production and judging of the Cosplay Contest and I also aid in judging the Animé Art Contest. I also assist with the promotion of the Cherry Blossom Festival at other events such as the Appleseed Comics Convention.
  • January, 2002 to Present — Allen County Public Access, Fort Wayne, Indiana
    •  Volunteer Audio and Camera Operator
      I have over 600 volunteer hours at the Allen County Cable Access Center as a studio and remote camera operator and audio board operator for several cable access programs, including “American Legion News”, “Calling All Angels Live”, “It’s All About Love”, “Rock the Plaza” and “Smokey Montgomery Live”.
      • 2008, 2012: Videographer at the Rock the Plaza concert series, Fort Wayne, IN
      • 2008: Videographer for the LEEDS training seminars, Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, IN
      • 2008: Remote videographer for the “American Legion News” special on the American flag lowering and raising ceremony at Glenbrook Dodge, Fort Wayne, IN
      • 2007: Remote videographer for the “American Legion News” special on the traveling Vietnam War Memorial Wall exhibit, Fort Wayne, IN
      • 2006: Remote videographer for the “American Legion News” special on the tour of the WW II Victory Museum, Auburn, IN
      • 2006: Videographer and camera operator at the second annual New Thought Music Concert and the New Thought Music Awards Ceremony, Phoenix, AZ
      • 2005: Videographer at the first annual New Thought Music Concert and the New Thought Music Awards Ceremony, Phoenix, AZ
      • 2005: Videographer and DVD producer at the 2005 Nebula Awards Ceremony of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Chicago, IL
      • 2002–2005: Producer, on‑camera host and camera operator for the public access program “The Gamer”.

  • November, 1986 to November, 2006 — WindyCon, Chicago, Illinois
    •  Assistant Art Show Director
      Assisted the Director of the Art Show at WindyCon, a major regional science fiction and fantasy convention in the greater Chicago area. Responsibilities included supervising setup and tear down of the art show facilities, assisting artists with checkin including assisting with hanging artwork and filling out processing paperwork, entering artist data into the art show database, performing regular security sweeps during open show hours, organizing and supervising the processing of artwork after the close of the show and before the art auction and assisting the Art Show Director with whatever she requires.
  • May, 1986 to Present — MediaWest*Con, East Lansing, Michigan
    •  Art Show Assistant
      Act as volunteer assistant for the art show at MediaWest*Con, a science fiction and fantasy media convention in East Lansing, Michigan. Responsibilities include overseeing the after show processing of artwork including dividing the sold and unsold artwork from the artwork held for auction, overseeing the staff sorting the artwork to be auctioned into lots such that no artist, subject or art form dominates any single lot, transport the artwork by lot to the auction area, update the auction listings to show which lot is being auctioned, retrieve auctioned artwork for post-auction processing, make announcements as necessary during the art auction, auction specialty items as necessary during the auction and keep the art show staff updated on events during the auction.



  • Japanese Culture
  • Personal Development
    • Learning New Things (programming languages, web platforms)
    • Travel
  • Gaming (roleplaying games and some card games)
  • Photography and Videography
  • Reading (primarily science fiction and fantasy along with some nonfiction)
  • Writing Fiction (fantasy and science fiction)
  • Writing Nonfiction (presentations, personal essays and blogging)



Compton, Norm: Manager, Allen County Public Access, Allen County Public Library 200 E Barr, Fort Wayne, IN 46802 (260) 421‑1245

Rennecker, Andrew: Audio / Video Services Manager, Allen County Memorial Coliseum 4000 Parnell Ave, Fort Wayne, IN (260) 482‑9502

Zukausky, Dr. Gisella, Ph. D. Director, Midwest Training Institute of Hypnosis 1504 Kenwood Avenue, Fort Wayne, IN 46805 (260) 484‑6727


Joyner, Dr. Rex, Ph. D. Professor of Physics, Indiana Institute of Technology 1600 East Washington Boulevard, Fort Wayne, IN 46803 (260) 422‑5561 x2289

Knight, Paul: Milwaukee, Wisconsin (414) 464‑9275

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