Dungeons and Dragons Settings

Several years ago (around 2003), I participated in an online collaboration to produce a game setting with all the trimmings and details.

The setting was named Korak’s Reach, a town built on what was literally a flying stone hand that was trapped and positioned between the two walls of a perilous and uncrossed chasm. Being a new and natural trade route, a town grew up there almost immediately.

My contribution was to create one of the sections, built on one of the “fingers” named “The Way of the Road” that was sometimes also known as “The Way of the Rodent” not just for the four-legged rats that infest the place but also for their two-legged cousins. This was the lower section, the caravan section. It was not a nice place.

The following are some of the settings and their attendant characters I created for this project.

The short URL of the present article is: http://www.terryobrien.me/Zeq3x

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