Lore of the Night Witch

The following was written for the DragonStorm sourcebook about the character background of Night Witch.

Night Witches are solitary witches who specialize in obscurity, stealth and secrecy.

“Notes on the Nightwitch’s Craft”
–Simon Bellreeve, Adept of the Prismatic Circle

Nightwitches are the most secretive of creatures. Their origins are obscure, and it is suspected that they themselves do not know the entire story. Yet it is noted in many reliable historical references that Nightwitches were known and respected long before DeathDay. Much of what is known about them is learned from observation, as they are notoriously close-mouthed, even in the days before the coming of the necromancers. Perhaps they were guided by some foreknowledge, or by the lore handed down in unbroken chains since the beginning of the witch’s craft. Certainly their lore has remained unchanged for centuries.

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