Morgana is a shadowy, seldom-seen figure in the club with little to do with the day-to-day operation of the club. She keeps careful watch on the employees, however, for fear of Kindred outside control, but she has not seen fit to place any of them under her domination as of yet. However, two of the three regular waitresses and the backstage manager have asked Morgana to use her hypnotic talents to help them lose weight or stop smoking, and, while doing do, she has also placed post-hypnotic triggers in their subconscious so that they will irresistibly fall into a trance upon Morgana’s command.

As part owner, Morgana has access to all keys used in the building: she will carry enough to guarantee instant access to any floor or the roof at all times.

Parking is available on both sides of the street: meters are on both sides but are not mandatory after 5:00 pm. The neighborhood is busy enough during the night (and well enough lit) that crime is not very common.

There are rumors that some organized gang members frequent the club. Morgana has repeatedly denied them and has privately taken steps to assure the privacy and security of the club and the safety of herself and her patrons.

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