Lydia’s is a small nightclub partly owned by Morgana Black (the other half of the club is owned by her Ventrue mentor Gregory Harris) specializing in magic acts, controlled through a holding company located in the same building.

Lydia’s is located on the fringe of the Chicago theater district and specializes in magic acts. Many famous stage magicians have performed there in the beginning of their careers, and some return from time to time to perform (while the rumor that David Copperfield performed there once is not true, Doug Henning once appeared on the stage as part of a surprise private birthday party for a personal friend of his). The club can be rented for an evening, and has been in the past for private parties such as wedding rehearsal dinners, wrap parties, and opening night celebrations.

Morgana likes to perform in the club about once a week, unannounced. The rest of the time one or two professional magicians provide the entertainment, either hourly stage acts or by performing close-up magic from table to table. The lighting is subdued, the music quiet, and the drinks only marginally overpriced: sandwiches or light snacks are also on the menu.

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