Countess d’Sangre’s Stage Performance

This is a sample of Felicia’s stage program when performing as the Countess. She varies it from performance to performance, but also personalizes it when she can. She works her act only during the college fall and spring semesters. She will work clubs in the Los Angeles and Las Vegas area during the “off” season under her own name, to maintain its visibility. What any true vampire has to say about her performance, she has yet to learn.

Felicia arranges these performances for small theaters and stages: she likes the intimate atmosphere and the small audiences. (She is forced to do more appearances to make up for the small audience, usually three or four a week, but she doesn’t mind.) Promotional material hits the media a couple of weeks ahead of time.

On the day of the performance, her coffin will be on display all day in a store or college building (and once at a funeral parlor on Halloween) near the theater. (She hasn’t had a problem with it being stolen as a prank, since she usually bribes a contingent of local fraternity boys with a small donation and a handful of free tickets to stand guard over it.) It will be heavily locked and sealed. Signs around it warn that the vampiress Countess d’Sangre lies within, waiting for darkness when she will to walk again among the living: come and watch if you can, come prepared to see her magick up close if you are brave, come prepared to satisfy her thirst if you dare.

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