Name: Bubastis
Tradition Affiliation: Cult of Ecstacy
Nature: Conniver
Demeanor: Bön Vivant
Concept: Cat Familiar
Sense Deception2
Animal Form3Arcane3Willpower3
Information Font3
Paradox Nullification2
Size (housecat)5
Symbiotic Knowledge5
Common Sense1Color Blind1Bruised
Danger Sense2Thaumavore5Hurt (-1)
Loyalty1Whimsy1Injured (-1)
Wounded (-2)
Mauled (-5)

Quote:Meeeeeooww.… May I have some milk, please?”

Concept: Familiar cat

Description: An average-sized dark chocolate-brown shorthaired housecat with green eyes. (Both the hair and eye colors are the same as Felicia’s, her mistress.) She has definite Siamese features. Bubastis is female, and has not been declawed or neutered.

Prelude: The spirit that is Bubastis has been a witch’s familar for many lifetimes. In fact, it seems to be her manifest destiny to aid those mages in their quest for Ascension. She has primarily been drawn to Verbena mages, but there is something almost kin-like about Felicia that draws Bubastis to her.

Backgrounds: Bubastis possesses the common natural benefits of any familiar: the ability to link with her master and share information, to offer strange and obscure bits of information, to consume the Paradox that plagues them. In addition, she possesses the abilities of the cat form she has taken: its size, weapons, and superior night vision. In addition, Bubastis is very arcanely energized, much like a mage, and so many of her activities slip by unnoticed by the less sensitive public.

Merits: Bubastis’ many long lives (27 of them, at last count) has given her a great deal of experience and wisdom to draw upon, especially in giving good advice and watching for danger. Her relationship with Felicia seems different, almost as if it were directed by some higher power, and because of that is more loyal to Felicia than she has been to many mages in the past.

Flaws: As a cat, Bubastis is totally color-blind:; she sees the world in greys and shadows. As a spirit familiar, she requires a regular diet of Quintessence to maintain herself within the cat’s body she currently inhabits: this is given to her every week by Felicia, in the form of a drop of Felicia’s blood mixed with a saucer of milk. Finally, Bubastis possesses a quirky sense of humor at times, especially in situations of great danger.

History: My first attempt at creating a familiar. Lots of points to balance out, but most were dedicated to giving Bubastis the natural powers of her shape and the powers of a familiar.

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