Lords of Gossamer and Shadow Characters

It was a tremendous loss to the gaming community when Erick Wujcik passed away. I was one of his playtesters for the Amber Diceless Roleplaying game and I like to think I was also his friend.

His greatest creation was the Amber system and the concept of diceless roleplaying. That is why I am glad I found others who also felt the same way, and who have taken up the cause of diceless roleplaying and have brought Erick’s diceless system (but, alas, not Roger’s Amber) back to the gaming world, with “Lords of Gossamer and Shadow” by Rite Publishing. They took the diceless system and created a whole new campaign setting (and for any new game system on the market, the setting is as much a part of the appeal as the system these days) to go along with the basic gaming concepts.

I was aware that this was in production for a couple of years but it was only this past GenCon (2014) that I finally was able to purchase a copy of the rulebook for myself. After reading it through and trying to decide what to do about it, one character quickly came to mind, then another and another, until at last there were six different characters, enough to use for a convention game. (I still expect to use the first character in a campaign somewhere.) There are a couple of gaming conventions upcoming and I am already thinking of a scenario: in addition, I was minded to run something at GenCon next year, and Lords of Gossamer and Shadow is definitely a possibility.

These six characters are:

  • Desiree — The Subtle Enchantress
  • Duncan — The Eternal Warrior
  • Kitten — Interdimensional Package Delivery With a Grin
  • Lord Zordd — Supreme Minister of Evil
  • Paragon — Champion of Law and Order
  • Umbral — The Chaos Sprite
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