Castle Falkenstein Characters

Castle Falkenstein was an interesting take on the Steampunk genre: not only did it include Steam! and Rivets! but also sorcery and the Fae. There were my first attempts at character creation.

Colonel Alexander Winter

Name: Colonel Alexander Winter
Dramatic Character Type: Secret Agent
Grand Passion: To Serve His Country
Nemesis: Any and All Who Would Threaten the Safety and Security of the Unites States of America
Avocational: Attain the Rank Befitting His Achievements
Professional: Stop the Machinations of Lord Steel
Social: To Woo and Marry the Fair and Lovely Lady Marissa
Athletics (Great)
Charisma (Good)
Comeliness (Good)
Courage (Good)
Education (Good)
Fencing (Good)
Fisticuffs (Great)
Marksmanship (Great)
Physician (Poor)
Physique (Great)
Performance (Poor)
Sorcery (Poor)
Tinkering (Poor)

Description: (copied from Marissa’s sketchbook)”… He has Eyes of the Fairest Blue, the Color of the Sky on a Bright Summer Day, and Hair the Color of Sunlight. His lips are Always in curled in a smile: Never a Sneer of False Superiority or a Callous Grin of Malice, but an Honest Smile of Gladness and Mirth that Lightens my Heart to see it.”

Possessions: Cavalry boots (hidden acid and nitroglycerin vials) and sabre (hidden compass); dress and casual uniforms of his old unit; silver cigarette case (hidden periscope); twin pistol belt (hidden brass knuckles).

Diary: Memoirs for eventual publication; notes on military tactics; contemporary Tables of Organization and public troop assignments for the major military powers in New Europa; lists of military awards; sketches of past battle sites.

History: Colonel Alexander Winter is the latest in a line of American military men, who can trace his family history back to the Revolutionary War and before. He is a graduate with honors of West Point, the US Army Military Academy, and saw action in various military actions. He was promoted to Colonel and stationed as a military attaché in London, but permitted the luxury of being allowed to move as he felt necessary among the nations of New Europa. Secretly, however, he is an agent of the US Secret Service, charged with investigating and halting possible dangers to the security of the United States. He is given great latitude in this investigation, and so will offer his assistance in the defense of other nations with whom the US is on friendly terms, with the implications that such assistance will be returned when necessary: this also means that future threats to the US will be stopped before they threaten its shores.

It was at a Grand Ball in London that he met Marissa, an outstandingly fair Lady of the Daoine Sidhe, and was immediately smitten with her. He makes no secret of her affections, and she is disposed to permit them: outwardly, she affects being amused but disinterested, but inwardly she is as smitten with him as he is with her, yet is hampered because she has had no experience with True Love and does not know how to continue.

Note: If you see a little of Colonel James West of the US Secret Service in Colonel Winter, it is not accidental. The Wild, Wild West was and is one of my favorite programs, although I actually liked West’s partner Artemis Gordon slightly better.

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