Just a couple of weeks ago, I heard about a new D&D 5E campaign starting. I hadn’t played D&D since 3.5, as I thought 4E was a terrible step backward in roleplaying, and didn’t have time for 5E when it first came out. Now I had enough time to commit to a game, so I went and rolled up a character and started working on the character background, etc.

Then the GM announced that due to increased work commitments he was cancelling the game before it actually started.

Still, any creative work is worthy of recording, so this is my first 5E D&D character, who may yet find a campaign.

Character Description

Character Stats

These stats were rolled using 4d6, taking the highest three rolls and rerolling all “1“s. The Tiefling racial bonuses (+1 INT and +2 CHA) were included.



  • Race: Tiefling
    • Skills: Deception, Sleight of Hand
  • Class: Warlock
    • Skills: Arcana, Investigation
    • Patron: Archfey
  • Background: Charlatan
    • Proficiencies: Deception, Sleight of Hand, Disguise Kit, Forgery Kit
  • Alignment: CN (shading toward CG at times: she has a soft heart toward anyone in the theater business)
  • Deity: while she may outwardly worship whichever deity that would be associated with her alignment and the acting profession, inwardly she worships her Patron


Precious’ appearance is largely based on a piece of artwork I discovered on DeviantArt when I was searching for visual references for this character, with some personal modifications. She can pass for human in most conditions with only minor effort, particularly hiding her horns, which is why she favors clothing with hoods.

  • Height: Average
  • Weight: Slightly below average
  • Build: Trim, slender yet well-built, fit; shows obvious signs of regular exercise and physical activity, primarily acrobatics, tumbling and juggling
  • Hair: Glossy black, thick and wavy, long (to the middle of her back)
  • Eyes: grey-silver
  • Complexion: ruddy or coppery, just barely within the range of standard human coloration or slightly sunburned
  • Horns: black, ridged, flat and thin, starting at her hairline above her eyes and arching straight back over her hair for about six inches
  • Hands: human except for crimson fingernails
  • Feet: human, six toes
  • Tail: thick at base, narrowing to a slender arrowhead about 2 12 feet in length
  • Clothing: stylish, colorful, flowing or tight-fitting, revealing


  1. Eldritch Blast, Prestidigitation, Thaumaturgy (racial ability)
  2. Charm Person, Sleep
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