Chime’s Expedition

The six stood outside the remote building that housed the military training facilities. The building was secluded behind a low hill from the rest of the University. Since this was only a minor training facility, without military or Commonwealth secrets to guard, security was limited to strong walls, secure locks, and passive internal security scans, without even an AI watching over them all. While such would be sufficient on most any world, such walls and locks were ineffective to a large minority of her people, although her people were also unusually law abiding and conscientious about the use and misuse of their psychic abilities. What Chime and her confederates were doing, even by association, would be considered quite irresponsible, bordering on reprehensible.

Boulder handed Chime his ID chip, which would allow her to bypass the security inside the building. What he didn’t have was a way inside, but Chime told him that he had an answer for that. Chime concentrated a moment, and then the world seemed to fade into a grey mist before her eyes. The wall before her seemed as insubstantial as air and she stepped through it as though it didn’t exist. Moments later, the world reappeared and Chime stood inside the entryway.

What the rest of the group saw was Chime fade away quickly but not immediately in the manner of a teleport. Such an ability was another aspect of teleporation skills, one that had little practical use in the Commonwealth, for exactly the reason Chime was using it for.

Following Boulder’s directions, she found the storage locker containing the spare shield bracers. Unlike the practice weapons, all of the defensive equipment was fully operational. She slipped one over her left forearm and mentally activated it. The silvery metal immediately flowed shut and the blue crystals along its sides flashed once and then subsided to a dull glow. As Chime expected, it was completely discharged and would take several hours to recharge fully. She mentally marked it off her list and left the building as she had entered it.

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