Chime’s Expedition

First, the group went outside of University grounds to the cluster of shops and stores that seem to accompany every University throughout the Commonwealth. Passing the bookstores and exotic food vendors, they entered a two-story shop that catered to students traveling to restricted planets.

Using Stream’s credit access, Chime purchased a heavy winter coat composed of a synthetic fur blend, much warmer and lighter and much less irritating than the rough fur coat she had been given. She looked over several other pieces of equipment, finally rejecting them for the simple reasons that she was unfamiliar with them and could only return with a small quantity of goods.

She would have wanted a better Personal Defense Belt and Personal Defense Weapon, but the ones she wore were the only ones commonly available. The availability of any advanced type was restricted to the military and law enforcement, as was any other item of psychic offensive or defensive use.

The prizes, however, were a personal data module and a video recorder that were designed for use on undeveloped planets, so they were self-powered and could recharge from regular sunlight. They came equipped with two spare interchangeable molecular storage modules but Chime bought a dozen extra modules, giving her roughly a week’s worth of storage. She also added an electronic mapping compass that interfaced with the PDM.

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