Brigid’s Rings

Brigid wears several rings with sorcerous potential. It does help that Brigid has six fingers on each hand, part of her chieri heritage.

AmberNeural Attack*Through an assault on the neural centers, intense pain envelops everyone within the desired area. This spell can be set to disable or to kill. It has no effect on creatures without a central nervous system.
Cat’s‑EyeNight VisionThis spell amplifies low-level light and translates heat images into visible light for the caster’s sight only. It also includes limiters to prevent blindness from sudden bursts of strong light.
DiamondShield*This spell manifests a translucent energy field that is impervious to almost any attack. It is equivalent to the basic Shield spell, but also includes a mental defensive component.
EmeraldMesmerization*The spell is cast using a circular motion with the hands: a green swirl of energy follows the motion and expands outward in a swirling spiral, capturing the gaze and the minds of anyone who sees it. The caster can then implant commands in their minds through the telepathic component of the spell, which the victims will try to obey to the best of their abilities.
JetDarkness*A field of darkness covers the desired area, eliminating all sources of visible light within the area. IR light is not affected, so that the Night Vision spell above is not affected.
LapisElemental AirAllows control of all aspects of the mystical element of Air. By its power the caster can fly or command the winds.
MoonstoneInvisibilityThis spell mentally influences any observer to ignore or overlook the caster: the observer’s mind is manipulated into either believing the caster belongs where they are or that the caster is not present entirely. Also affects any remote observer using magick to observe the caster.
OpalFascinationThe caster becomes incredibly fascinating to all observers affected by the spell. They will find the caster’s appearance, words and voice to be very appealing; they will be unable to glance away from the caster for longer than a moment; and they will feel strongly encouraged to believe whatever the caster says. The length of time they will remain fascinated after the caster has left their presence will depend on the individual’s strength of will.
PearlElemental WaterAllows control of all aspects of the mystical element of Water. The waves could be commanded to halt, or a dry passage be commanded to appear amidst the waters.
RubyElemental FireAllows control of all aspects of the mystical element of Fire. Fire can be commanded to appear or to disappear, bolts of fire could be conjured, or flammables be made to spontaneously combust.
TopazElemental EarthAllows control of all aspects of the mystical element of Earth. The earth can be commanded to open and swallow opponents, or create walls or bridges. Although slow to achieve, such feats are almost unstoppable once started.
TurquoiseTeleportation*A two-way portal opens in midair, a gateway to another place within the same Shadow. The location is visible through the portal, which is determined when the spell is cast. The portal can only be entered from one direction: it has no “back”. The portal remains open for as long as the caster commands, or it can be set at casting to close at a certain time or for a certain event, or immediately after the caster has passed through it.

Brigid’s rings are plain gold bands, contrasting with the rainbow colors of the individual settings in the rings. Their only ornamentation is a mark on the inside of the bands that identifies Brigid as their creator and owner. Each ring is enchanted to hold one predetermined spell, and each jewel was selected for its arcane properties to assist in the racking and in the casting of the spell.


  • All spells marked with a ‘*’ have built-in lynchpins to permit the determination of the range and area of effect of the spell.
  • All of the elemental spells, those marked with the “✧”, allow control over all aspects of that element. Their usefulness is balanced by the fact that they are harder and take longer to rack and to cast. They can also be used to command the obedience of elemental beings of that particular element. They have little direct affect on any other living beings.
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