Brigid’s Character Quiz

Brigid’s Garb

Brigid usually wears a loose pirate blouse of black silk, almost-immodestly open down the front, with full ruffled sleeves, and matching black trousers and high black boots. A gold sash is tied around her waist. Besides Nuada and Balor, the only jewelry she wears is a charm bracelet and a glittering gold and rainbow cloisonné pin of her personal symbol, a sword and butterfly, over her heart. One of the charms is a gold locket with a crystal face: it holds the piece of ear that the King of Cats awarded her for her assistance in fighting the King of Rats and his horde. The silver rose she was given by Corwin’s ghost she has fashioned into a clasp to tie back her full hair over her right ear. Matching silver-steel daggers, made for infighting, are strapped to her thighs; the sash conceals a ring for hanging a sword, or she can thrust her katana and wakizashi into it, as well. The sash also acts as pockets, holding the equivalent of pocket change in Amber coinage, as well as her personal Trumps.

For formal affairs Brigid will go all out, usually with the advice of Florimel. She is partial to low-cut, sweeping gowns of deep emerald greens (that match her eyes) and shimmering silver. She has also collected a fair amount of jewelry, mostly in gold, as it seems to bring out the golden highlights of her hair.

Brigid’s Jewelry

When Brigid was left at the orphanage, a collection of seven pieces of jewelry were left with her, to be used to help fund and preserve the orphanage and to be kept for her when she left. They were an emerald ring, a silver armband, a platinum and ruby necklace, a perfect three carat blue-white oval diamond pendant on a silver chain, a pair of fire opal drop earrings in gold settings, a silver and star sapphire bracelet in the shape of a dragon (similar to the one Fiona wears in her Trump in The Visual Guide to Castle Amber, except Fiona’s is probably gold), and a solid pale-green jade ring cut into the form of a dragon.

Most of the pieces were sold in the intervening years, leaving only two pieces left: the emerald ring and the silver armband.


Balor is the name she gave for the emerald ring from her father. The name comes from Celtic mythology: Balor of the Evil Eye, the king of the Fomori whose eye had terrible power. The ring itself consists of an oval emerald, about 1″ in length and ¾” in width, in a gold filigree setting. At first sight, the setting is deceptively primitive, but a closer inspection reveals a complex subtlety of carvings and inlays in the gold. The emerald itself has a subtle flaw in the center that appears to twist and turn within the jewel’s depths: with Brigid’s power behind it, it possesses the power to hypnotize anyone who stares at it too long.

Balor has two powers: first, it is sensitive to thoughts of aggression or anger toward Brigid, acting as a warning to her in times of danger, and secondly, it is capable of shielding her mind against attack.

Brigid wears Balor on the third finger of her right hand.


Nuada is the name Brigid has given to the silver arm band she wears. Nuada of the Silver Arm was an ancient king of the Tuatha de Dannan and foe of Balor of the Evil Eye. When his left arm was severed in battle, Nuada was forced to leave the throne because no king of his folk could have any physical defect. When the new king began deferring to the Fomori, Nuada was given a silver arm that would respond just as his one of flesh did. He led the rebellion against the Fomori, driving them away from Ireland for all time.
The arm band is about 4″ wide, with two outside bands of Celtic interlocking designs with three inner bands of bright enameled design work in green, gold, and red. It has never needed polishing.

Nuada has the power to physically protect Brigid, either by an invisible force field that surrounds her completely, or by transforming into a suit of armor. It can actually transform into a variety of types of suits of armor, including ornate Seelie court armor, environmental protective armor from her home Shadow and space combat armor.

Brigid wears Nuada on her upper left arm, usually under her sleeve.

Later in the campaign Brigid would recover the other pieces of jewelry and wears them all. She knows that she created them herself in her past existences for some future purpose she has yet to determine. She is concerned that her life as an Amberite might be the time she needs them.


Corvex is the name of her fire opal earrings. The name comes from Brigid mangling the tern ‘corvid’ which is the genus for ravens. Corvex has the power to shift into any type of martial weapon desired as well as his natural form of a raven. It does not supply ammunition, however, but can make use of arrows or bullets or power cells. Brigid has experimented with using her own personal magick to empower it with some modest success.

Corvex is different than the other pieces of jewelry: first, Corvex is the only one that will talk to Brigid, giving her advice, and it is the only piece of jewelry that will transform into its Fae seeming, that of a raven.

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